Xbox Series X|S: Complete Xbox Controller Guide

Here’s what you need to know about the new Xbox Wireless Controller’s buttons, features, Bluetooth compatibility, and customisation options.

The new Xbox Wireless Controller that comes with the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S is very similar to the Xbox One’s controller, but with a few key differences.

There are now grips on the triggers and bumpers, the d-pad has reverted back to more of a hybrid analogue, and there’s a new Share button on the front.

Here’s everything that you need to know about the buttons on the Xbox Series X|S controller as well as all of the customisation options that you have for the new controllers.

What are the buttons and ports on the Xbox Series X|S controller?

The new Xbox controller features several buttons and plug-in options to allow you to enjoy games on the Xbox Series X and S, PC, Android devices, and on the Xbox One.

  1. Left Analogue: Often used to move characters in games and navigate menu screens.
  2. Right Analogue: In games, this analogue is usually used to look around environments and aim.
  3. Hybrid D-pad: The controller’s new d-pad features a rolling eight directions, much like the Xbox 360 controller, and can also be used to navigate.
  4. Face Buttons: The Y, B, A, and X buttons are your primary action buttons in games and menus.
  5. Xbox Button: Press this button to turn on the controller and Xbox, turn off the controller and Xbox, or bring up the Xbox menu at any time.
  6. View Button: The View button has different uses within each game.
  7. Menu Button: The Menu button is often used in games to take you to the pause screen.
  8. Share Button: This new button allows you to take screenshots and record gameplay clips with ease.
  9. Pair Button: When you need to bind your controller to your Xbox, you’ll need to press the Pair button.
  10. USB-C Port: Used for recharging the controller, should you buy a rechargeable battery kit.
  11. Battery Case: Slide upwards to insert or remove batteries. This can be replaced by the rechargeable battery kit.
  12. Bumpers: The buttons at the top of the controller, marked LB and RB, are known as the bumper buttons.
  13. Triggers: The pulling levers underneath the bumpers on either side are known as the trigger buttons, marked LT and RT.
  14. 3.5mm Audio Jack: Used to connect wired headsets for communications while on the Xbox.
  15. Proprietary Port: The strange expansion port underneath the front face of the controller can be used to install a keypad, the official Xbox headset, and other headphone adaptors.

How to turn off an Xbox Series X|S controller

To turn off your Xbox Series X and S controller, without turning off your console, you need to hold the Xbox button down until the light fades on the Xbox button of the controller.

Equally, you could hold down the Xbox button until the controller rumbles slightly and a window appears asking ‘What would you like to do?’ Here, you can select the ‘Turn off controller’ option.

How to link an Xbox controller to an Xbox account

To make an Xbox controller sign-in a specific account when you use it to turn on your Xbox Series X or S, you’ll need to configure the controller in the settings, as follows:

  1. Sign-in on the Xbox Series X or S to the account that you want to bind to your controller;
  2. Press the Xbox button on the controller, navigate to ‘Profile & system,’ and select ‘Settings;’
  3. Scroll down to ‘Devices & connections’ and select ‘Accessories;’
  4. Seeing the Xbox Wireless Controller, press the ‘…’ option and then the ‘This controller signs in’ option;
  5. On the next screen, select the ‘This controller signs in’ option again;
  6. You will then be asked if you want to link the controller in use to the active account. Press ‘Link Controller’ to confirm.

How to map the buttons differently on an Xbox controller

The Xbox Series X and S controller offers you many controller button mapping options, which you can access by following these steps:

  1. Press the Xbox button on the controller, go to ‘Profile & system,’ and then select ‘Settings;’
  2. Navigate to ‘Devices & connections’ and select ‘Accessories;’
  3. Seeing the Xbox controller on the screen, click on ‘Configure;’
  4. To start mapping new button inputs and controls, press ‘+ New profile’ to be taken to the Xbox ‘Mapping’ options.

On the ‘Mapping’ screen, you’ll find several options for you to customise your Xbox controller. In these configurations, you can:

  • Change pressing the Share button from taking a screenshot to recording what just happened or start/stop recording.
  • Change holding the Share button from record what just happened to start/stop recording or take a screenshot.
  • Remap any of the face buttons (Y, X, A, B) to other face button positions or the bumpers.
  • Swap the analogue sticks.
  • Invert the Y-axis on either analogue stick.
  • Swap the triggers.
  • Turn on or turn off the vibrations feature of the Xbox controller.

To use the customised controller configuration, you need to find it back on the configuration profiles page, and then switch it from ‘No slot’ to ‘Slot 1’ from the dropdown.

Which devices are compatible with the new Xbox controller?

You can use the new Xbox Wireless Controller with the Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Windows 10 computers, Android devices, and the Xbox One. Microsoft says that iOS support is on the way.

The new Xbox controllers can pair with other devices through a Bluetooth connection. By pressing the Pair button while searching for the controller in the Bluetooth settings of the device, you can sync the Xbox controller to your phone or PC.

Now that you know all of the Xbox controller inputs and customisation options, you can game on your Xbox Series X|S as you see fit.

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