How to Find All Four Common Rooms in Hogwarts Legacy

Note that this common room is actually the biggest, with a large area covering it, so be careful not to get lost!

How to Find All Four Common Rooms in Hogwarts Legacy? Complete Guide

A Harry Potter-style wizarding world game, Hogwarts Legacy, was released on February 10, 2023. The fantasy open-world game is published by Warner Bros and International Enterprises for the PS5, PS4, Xbox, Nintendo Switch to PC platforms. Before its launch, this game has been highly anticipated by fans of the Harry Potter franchise.

Because of the high interest in this game, Hogwarts Legacy was nominated for The Game Awards for the Most Anticipated Game category. This action role-playing game has also received a score of 9/10 on Steam. The game offers a wide gaming experience with great visuals.

Apart from enjoying the visual beauty of Harry Potter, each player must choose a variety of options to determine how his character’s life will go. So, every choice the decision will affect the whole storyline, including the choice of the dormitory. Like the 4 Hogwarts Houses which are known as dormitories in the world of Harry Potter.

Just like the film series, in the Hogwarts Legacy game, there are also 4 dormitories or houses that are popular as a place for wizards to live, namely Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, Slytherin, and Gryffindor. In determining which dormitory the player chooses, everything will depend on each choice of answer that the player determines.

How to Find All Four Common Rooms in Hogwarts Legacy? Complete Guide

In order not to choose the wrong dormitory to live in, it is better if the player chooses well from each answer choice. The reason is, you can’t change dormitories as much as you like in this game. Before choosing a hostel, let’s take a look at the methods to find each common room, starting from the dormitory Harry’s in, Griffindor.

1. Gryffindor

Gryffindor comes with a lion icon like in the series. This house symbolizes courage. When choosing a dormitory, players will be faced with questions about reason and senses which are taken as character motivations. Please choose the answer that shows courage to get this house.

In the series, Harry Potter along with Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Ginny Weasley, and others live in Gryffindor. The nuances of the room are filled with rocks and fire and lion ornaments in the corners. You will also get a mission to find a lost page if you choose this house.

Rather strange compared to the movies, the Gryffindor Common Room can actually be found in the Faculty Tower of Hogwarts. In order to go to the location, you have to navigate your character to the third floor of Grand Staircase.

From there, look for the One-Eyed Witch statue, which basically opens the secret way to access Hogsmeade. Use the Revelio spell to get the Field Guide Page entry, and then continue your way forward deeper into the One-Eyed Witch Passage.

Go until you reach the larger room, which we call the Faculty Tower. Find the nearby winding staircase, and go up until you reach the Gryffindor Common Room. If you’re a Grfinddor player, go into the Fat Lady portrait to enter the dormitory.

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2. Hufflepuff

Hufflepuff Common Room is near the kitchen on the second level. This is where you can basically find the main entrance of the Grand Staircase. After climbing a few stairs, you might notice an arch going to the left with a plant right above it. So, go there, and follow the path to reach the Hufflepuff Common Room.

So, start by going forward to the Staircase, but then head down using the spiral staircase that’s nicely decorated with tree branches. It may take a bit longer until your reach the bottom. Continue your way until you meet the portrait there. Give it the pass to access Hogwarts kitchen, and turn right.

After turning right at the very end of the kitchen, you can see two giant barrels standing on the wall. If you want to go to the Common Room, approach the furthest barrel.  If you’re  Hufflepuff player, you may enter the Common Room just fine without getting doused in Vinegar.

And yes, players from other dormitories couldn’t simply enter the different Common Rooms. The game is very detailed about it, also the other things about Hogwarts itself. So, if you feel interested in exploring the magic world, a game is the game now. If you want to get a cheaper price, you can change region on Steam with VPN. Although the method is doable, always do it at your own risk.

3. Ravenclaw

The next one is Ravenclaw, and the Common Room is located on the Grand Staircase’s fourth floor. It’s the highest common room you can access, just second to the Trophy Room.

So, start by going to the fourth floor, and then see the doorway that leads to another hallway covered in blue. Right from this location, the player may continue their way until they reach the green room, which consists of the Airthmancy door puzzle.

You can deal with the puzzle later, but for now, go to the staircase and climb up the Ravenclaw Tower. Continue your way until you can find the entrance of the common room.

4. Slytherin

The Slytherin common room’s location is basically the same as implied in the film, it’s right on the bottom of Grand Staircase. So, end the bottom part of the location, and see the giant door there. Go right, and see the stairs leading down.

Go down the stairs until you can find a room with a snake inscription. The common room is nearby. See the snake that curls up in the main room, this is basically the entrance to the common room. And only Slytherin players can access it. Everyone else will see it as nothing but a blank wall.

Note that this common room is actually the biggest, with a large area covering it, so be careful not to get lost!

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