Harvest Moon One World: How to Upgrade Tools, Get Legendary Farm and Harvesting Tools

Want to smash large rocks or cut down hefty trees? Here’s how to upgrade your tools all the way to the Legendary tier in Harvest Moon: One World.

For much of the early stages of the game, you’ll be able to get by with your starting Hammer and Axe for harvesting and removing inconvenient obstacles.

However, you’ll eventually stumble across a large rock or hardwood tree that can’t be cut down with these basic tools. So, you’ll need to know how to upgrade tools in Harvest Moon: One World.

Here, we go through where you go to upgrade your tools in Harvest Moon and the materials that you need to harvest for each of the tool upgrades.

How to upgrade tools in Harvest Moon: One World

The process of upgrading your tools in Harvest Moon: One World is reliant on your progress through the main story, as well as completing Mine-centric fetch quests for Dva.

To trigger the first upgrade opportunity, you’ll need to meet Doc Jr on the beach and complete his ‘Make a Workbench’ request. He appears on the towels after you’ve done some of the tasks for the Halo Halo village.

There are three stages to each tool upgrade in Harvest Moon; One World, taking place over two sets of fetch quests. There’s the Expert Tools requests, Master Tools requests, and then the Legendary Tools requests. Along with story progression, you’ll also need to unlock the tier of tools prior for the next tool upgrade.

For each tier, you’ll get to upgrade your farming tools (Watering Can and Hoe) and then your harvesting tools (Hammer, Axe, and Fishing Rod). The fetch quests for Dva are the same for each, as are the materials required to upgrade the tools.

So, here’re the requests, stages in the story needed to unlock, tool recipe rewards, and materials that Dva wants for tool upgrades in Harvest Moon: One World

Request NameUnlock StageReward Tool RecipesDva’s Request
Upgrade Your Farm Tools! 1Complete Doc Jr’s Workbench requestExpert Hoe, Expert Watering Can5x Bronze
Upgrade Your Harvesting Tools! 1Get the Pastilla MedallionExpert Axe, Expert Fishing Rod, Expert Hammer5x Silver
Upgrade Your Farm Tools! 2During Lebkuchen StoryMaster Hoe, Master Watering Can5x Gold
Upgrade Your Harvesting Tools! 2During Salmiakki StoryMaster Axe, Master Fishing Rod, Master Hammer5x Gold
Upgrade Your Farm Tools! 3Get Lebkuchen MedallionLegendary Hoe, Legendary Watering Can5x Titanium
Upgrade Your Harvesting Tools! 3Get Salmiakki MedallionLegendary Axe, Legendary Fishing Rod, Legendary Hammer5x Titanium

To trigger each new request, you’ll need to go to Dva at the Mine to the east of Calisson. He’ll then offer to give you tool upgrade recipes in return for a specific batch of materials.

As Dva always requests sheets of metal, you’ll need to delve into the Mines, preferably the Lebkuchen Mine for its superior drop rate of the materials. Then, you’ll need to go to Doc Jr’s home to turn the metal ore into metal sheets, and then give those to Dva.

How to upgrade tools to Legendary tier in Harvest Moon

In between each of Dva’s requests, you’ll need to upgrade your tools to have the right tier to then upgrade to the next level. Each time, you’ll need to go to your home’s Workbench with refined ore metal sheets.

You can refine all of the raw materials that you harvest from Mines at Doc Jr’s home in the game’s starting location. Each time that you refine a material, you’ll need to pay some G and bring a piece of ore.

Every upgrade enhances the tool in some way. The most important upgrades come to the Hammer and Axe, which allow you to destroy larger stones and ore nodes, and cut down tougher trees, respectively. Upgrades to the Fishing Rod, Hoe, and Watering Can are just time-savers more than anything.

The table below shows the materials that you need to upgrade each tier of tools in Harvest Moon: One World. You can upgrade them each individually, but as the recipes come in sets, you may as well save some time and get the materials all at once.

Upgrade SetUpgraded ToolsUpgrade MaterialsCost to Refine Ore
Expert Farm ToolsExpert Hoe, Expert Watering Can8x Bronze Total8x Bronze Ore + 320G
Expert Harvesting ToolsExpert Axe, Expert Fishing Rod, Expert Hammer12x Bronze Total12x Bronze Ore + 480G
Master Farm ToolsMaster Hoe, Master Watering Can8x Silver Total8x Silver Ore + 320G
Master Harvesting ToolsMaster Axe, Master Fishing Rod, Master Hammer12x Silver Total12x Silver Ore + 480G
Legendary Farm ToolsLegendary Hoe, Legendary Watering Can8x Gold Total8x Gold Ore + 640G
Legendary Harvesting ToolsLegendary Axe, Legendary Fishing Rod, Legendary Hammer12x Gold Total12x Gold + 960G

If you fancy doing a bulk mining session and then running through all of Dva’s upgrade tools requests, you’ll need a total of:

  • 25 Bronze
  • 25 Silver
  • 30 Gold
  • 10 Titanium
  • 5,900G (ore refining costs)

Getting all of this will see you through converting the ore into the metals, the material requests from Dva, and the materials needed to upgrade tools in Harvest Moon: One World.

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