Harvest Moon One World: How to Upgrade Your Barn and Keep More Animals

Need to expand on the limited Barn that you’re given at the start of Harvest Moon: One World? Here’s what you need to get a larger Barn.

It doesn’t take long for your basic Barn in Harvest Moon: One World to become filled. As you progress further and unlock new rare animals, you’ll need more space, but the Barn only has three large and five small slots.

Of course, there’s always the option to release your animals, but doing so could reduce your feed of valuable resources and seem like a waste of money as you won’t get anything in return.

Luckily, as you progress through Harvest Moon’s many requests, you’ll unlock the ability to upgrade to a Large Animal Barn, and you can then upgrade it again. So, here’s what you need to know.

How to unlock the Large Animal Barn upgrade in Harvest Moon: One World

The key to upgrading to a Large House and a Large Animal Barn is to keep completing requests for Doc Jr. Either via a call through the DocPad or by talking to them in-person, you will get several tasks.

The Large Animal Barn upgrade becomes available after Doc Jr tells you about some new inventions that they have in mind, requesting two Platinum. This will come after the other fetch-quests that unlock the Kitchen, Workbench, Small Sprinkler, and Large House.

You may need to upgrade your Harvesting Tools first, at least to Expert Level, but you can find Platinum Ore fairly easily in the Lebkuchen Mine by smashing the nodes with your hammer.

With two pieces of Platinum Ore, you can return to Doc Jr’s home and pay 150G per piece to refine the ore into Platinum. Giving the refined Platinum to Doc Jr will unlock the blueprints for a Large Animal Barn.

You’ll then find that getting the Large Animal Barn in Harvest Moon: One World is an expensive venture, but luckily, the materials are easy to find.

Where to find Oak Lumber and Silver in Harvest Moon: One World

You’ll need ten Oak Lumber, five Silver, and a massive 50,000G to unlock the Barn upgrade in Harvest Moon: One World. That said, Oak Lumber and Silver is very easy to find.

Oak trees are found all over the first area of the game, Calisson, and the area to the east of Calisson that leads to Halo Halo. To get ten Oak Lumber, you’ll need to chop down the trunk and the stump of five oak trees.

For the Silver, the best place to go to is the Lebkuchen Mine. It’s one of the common resources and likely won’t require more than two or three floors of exploration to get the required five Silver Ore.

With the Silver Ore, return to Doc Jr’s home and refine it by paying 40G per Silver Ore to get five sheets of Silver.

As for the 50,000G, recipes are one of the fastest routes to cash, with each standard Egg being worth 300G if made into a Fried Egg on your Kitchen unit. You could also look to grow the most valuable crops in Harvest Moon, targeting the ones that generate the most money per growing day to ensure quick earnings.

How to upgrade the Barn in Harvest Moon: One World

After you’ve unlocked the Large Animal Barn blueprints and have acquired the materials and money needed, you can go back to Doc Jr’s home to upgrade your Barn.

Your upgraded Barn in Harvest Moon: One World will initially look very similar to your first Barn from the interior, but what the upgrade does is open the passage to the left side.

Going through this new passage to the left reveals a whole new, but identical, space to the first Barn. Now, when you go to an Animal Shop, you’ll have the option to put new animals in Animal Barn 1 or Animal Barn 2, giving you a total of six large animal and ten small animal spaces.

As you would assume, with the first Barn upgrade unlocking another space within the Barn, there’s also a second Barn upgrade available in the game.

The upgrade on the Large Animal Barn becomes available after you’ve completed Doc Jr’s request to get the coveted and rare material Adamantite, as well as the other House and furniture inventions, such as the Dresser.

Once the next Barn upgrade blueprint has been revealed, you’ll need even more Adamantite, Maple Lumber, and 250,000G.

Adamantite Ore is found in the lower levels of the Lebkuchen Mine, with Maple Lumber also being found in Lebkuchen. Go to the open wooded area to the east of Lebkuchen to chop down some maple trees and get the Maple Lumber.

So, while the first Barn upgrade in Harvest Moon: One World is relatively easy to complete, you’ll need to grind for lots of money and some rare materials to unlock the next Barn upgrade.

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