Harvest Moon One World: How to Get Cashmere, Protecting Animals Requests Guide

Find out where to get the Chickpea, Barley, Broccoli, and Pointy Cabbage Seeds en route to unlocking Cashmere in Harvest Moon: One World.

There are several key characters dotted around Harvest Moon: One World who you’ll want to keep on returning to for item-unlocking quests.

One such character is Jamil, who lives in the desert-shrouded village of Pastilla. His line of requests centres around bringing him food to feed new animals, thus unlocking new animals for you to buy.

By the end of Jamil’s Protecting Animals line of requests, you’ll be able to unlock several rare animals, including the animal that gives you Cashmere. So, here’s how to complete each step and harvest Cashmere in Harvest Moon: One World.

Where to find Chickpea Seeds in Harvest Moon: One World

The first part of Jamil’s request line, ‘Protecting Animals 2,’ has you tasked with finding six Chickpeas for the Pastilla Animal Shop resident. To unlock the quest, you may have to go to Jamil and speak to them.

There are two key Chickpea Seeds locations in Harvest Moon: One World, with the most reliable being in the Walnut Tree inlet of Lebkuchen. If you go during the spring, you also have a good chance of picking up the best Seeds in the game.

The other location is much more time-reliant, with the space just outside of the Mine in Pastilla being a Chickpea Seeds location at around 2 pm on most days. You may want to use the heat resistance tricks to get these Chickpea Seeds.

Chickpea Seeds take five days to grow and yield one Chickpea at the end of their growth cycle. So, you’ll need to collect six Chickpea Seeds to complete Jamil’s request.

Giving the Chickpeas to Jamil will expand their Animal Shop, with it now selling Goats for 6,000G.

Where to find Barley Seeds in Harvest Moon: One World

To trigger the next segment of the request, ‘Protecting Animals 3,’ you’ll need to return to Jamil and speak to them in or around their Animal Shop. You’ll be asked to fetch eight Barley for this expansion of the store.

The best place to find Barley in Harvest Moon: One World is on the way up the Volcano in Lebkuchen. In the first opening up the path, where the Spectacled Bear spawns, you can find Barley Seeds every day.

In this playthrough, the earliest that Barley Seeds were found was at 2 pm, with the latest being 9:30 pm. As each batch of Barley Seeds only yields one Barley in its four-day growth cycle, you’ll need to collect eight Barley Seeds for this request.

Delivering the eight Barley to Jamil will expand the Animal Shop range to include the Araucana Chicken (5,000G) and the Jersey Cow (20,000G).

Where to find Broccoli Seeds in Harvest Moon: One World

After you’ve delivered the Barley to Jamil, you can go back to them and get the next stage of the request: ‘Protecting Animals 4.’ This time, you’ll need to pick-up four Broccoli to expand the Animal Shop further.

In Harvest Moon: One World, Broccoli Seeds are located in the northern region surrounding Salmiakki. As shown below, the Broccoli Seeds location is the opening on the other side of the small pool of water but just before the vast mountain opening.

They can be found here most mornings, around 9 am to 10:30 am. You’ll need to return to the snow plains a few times to meet Jamil’s demand, with Broccoli Seeds taking four days to yield just one vegetable.

Once you have the four Broccoli, take them to Jamil in Pastilla to unlock the next expansion of the Animal Shop. Now, you’ll be able to get a Reindeer for 30,000G.

Where to find Pointy Cabbage Seeds in Harvest Moon: One World

The final leg of Jamil’s requests will finally grant you access to the source of Cashmere in Harvest Moon: One World. To complete ‘Protecting Animals 5,’ you’ll need to get four Pointy Cabbages.

The Harvest Moon: One World Pointy Cabbage Seeds location is in a bit of a hotspot for valuable Seeds, including the third-best Seeds in the game. From the bridge leading east of Calisson, go over the bridge that leads to Hola Hola, and then follow the river west.

Take the second turn leading south, heading towards the Harvest Goddess Spring. In the large dirt patch opening shown above, you’ll be able to grab Pointy Cabbage Seeds at around 1 pm most days.

As the Pointy Cabbage Seeds take four days to grow into just one harvestable Pointy Cabbage, you’ll need to plant and grow four batches of the Seeds.

Return to Jamil with four Pointy Cabbages to finally reach the end of Protecting Animals requests and unlock Cashmere in Harvest Moon: One World. Now, the Animal Shop in Pastilla will also offer Cashmere Goats (20,000G) and Silkie Chickens (10,000G).

How to get Cashmere in Harvest Moon: One World

After you purchase a Cashmere Goat from the Animal Shop, you’ll have to nurture and grow the kid until it’s old enough to produce Cashmere.

It will take around 14 days of feeding, petting, and brushing for the kid to grow into an adult Cashmere Goat. When it reaches adulthood, as shown above, you’ll be able to shear Cashmere off of the Goat.

You can return to the Cashmere Goat every day to shear off some more Cashmere. The shearing occurs as your third Cashmere Goat interaction of the day, giving you one piece of Cashmere.

Now that you know where all of the Seeds are located for Jamil’s requests, you can make your way towards getting a Cashmere Goat and farming the rare, valuable material for yourself.

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