Harvest Moon One World: Where to Find Platinum & Adamantite, Best Mines to Dig into

Here’s how to get two of the most coveted materials in Harvest Moon: Platinum Ore and Adamantite Ore.

Harvest Moon One World: Where to Find Platinum & Adamantite, Best Mines to Dig into guide

There are three Mines dotted around Harvest Moon: One World, with each of them giving you the chance to harvest metal ores and gemstones from nodes.

Using your Hammer, you’ll delve into the Mine, hit the nodes, collect the materials, and look for steps to reach the lower levels and rarer materials.

Here, we’re going through the hunt for two of the most sought-after rewards from the Mines: Platinum and Adamantite.

Where to find Platinum Ore and Adamantite Ore in Harvest Moon: One World

Harvest Moon One World find Platinum Ore and Adamantite Ore

Of the three Mines in Harvest Moon, the one east of Calisson is the basic Mine with very few materials of value; Pastilla’s Mines have better items, such as Diamonds and Sapphires; and Lebkuchen Mine is the deepest with the most to find.

In the Lebkuchen Mine, found along the path that leads north from the village and past the Volcano, you can find Garnet, Ruby, Emerald, and Agate Gemstones, as well as rarer finds like Alexandrite Gemstones, Phosphophyllite Gemstones, Platinum Ore, and Adamantite Ore.

Harvest Moon One World gemstones

The main problem here is that the most coveted of these items are not only rare, but also just found on the lower levels. You can find Platinum Ore from Floor 10 down, but it’s a very uncommon drop. Adamantite Ore takes a lot more work, being found from Floor 60 down while also being a rare find from there.

Harvest Moon One World floors and gemstones

Getting this deep into the Lebkuchen Mine takes a fair bit of time and some tactical decisions, should you want to reach the lower floors as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Tips to get to the lower levels of Lebkuchen Mines

Harvest Moon One World lower levels of Lebkuchen Mines

Even after the story, working through the Mines absorbs a tremendous amount of Stamina and can cut your Body Condition for a couple of days after climbing out. Luckily, you get a checkpoint to return to after every ten floors. You need to reach Floors 11, 21, 31, 41, 51, and 61 to place a checkpoint: leaving on Floor 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, or 60 will not set a new checkpoint.

To conserve Body Condition, Stamina, and Food to ensure efficient mining each day, it’s a good idea to leave the Mine after each ten-floor checkpoint. It’s easy to do, too, as you don’t need to return to your steps to get out and can just fast travel via the DocPad back to your home.

Harvest Moon One World legendary hammer

While in the Lebkuchen Mine, it’s a lot easier to navigate the area and identify nodes by zooming out (ZL/L2/LT). You’ll also want to bring an upgraded Hammer with you. Getting the Legendary Hammer and using it in the Mine speeds up the process a great deal and lets you get into the better nodes further down.

Harvest Moon One World black porgy carpaccio

To maximise your Mine run and attempt to go down the levels as quickly as possible, you’ll want to stock up on high-energy foods that are cost-effective, such as the Root Veggies Salad that’s made from some of the least-valuable Seeds in the game. Or, if you have plenty of fish in storage, the Carpaccio dishes that also need Onions and Olives offer a five-heart Stamina boost cheaply.

Harvest Moon One World maximise your mine run

It’s also worth taking the risk of dropping through the crack traps that appear. While it costs one heart of Stamina per floor dropped, the traps can be huge time-savers. You just need to make sure that you have at least four hearts of Stamina at all times as you can tumble three floors down from one set of cracks.

How to get Platinum and Adamantite in Harvest Moon: One World

Harvest Moon One World get Platinum and Adamantite

Once you’ve found Platinum Ore and Adamantite Ore from Floor 60 downwards (when the golden nodes start to appear), you can go to Doc Jr’s home and into Doc’s Inventions to convert the ore into sheets of the materials.

Harvest Moon One World Platinum Ore and Adamantite floor 60

To refine Platinum Ore into Platinum, you’ll need one piece of ore and 150G per piece. To refine Adamantite Ore into Adamantite, it’ll cost you one ore and 250G per ore.

While both are needed for requests in Harvest Moon: One World, Platinum and Adamantite are very valuable and worth farming for their sale price afterwards. Once refined, Platinum is sold for 500G per piece and Adamantite is sold for 1,000G per piece.  

In the hunt for Adamantite on Floor 60 or lower in the Lebkuchen Mine, you’ll likely harvest several pieces of Platinum Ore in Harvest Moon: One World.

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