Madden 22 Cheats: How to Beat the System

Want to unfairly work around all the game’s challenges to run up the score? Here are our Madden 22 cheats.

The term “cheat” in gaming parlance has certainly changed over the years, and in the case of sports games, the shifts have gone towards juicing up boosts, sliders, and settings in your favor across game modes.

Madden 22 isn’t any different, and while there aren’t any easter eggs or codes to memorize, there are several ways to gain an unfair advantage in Franchise Mode and other offline formats. 

1. Boost human-controlled player sliders

While the sliders are there more for re-creating a realistic gaming experience, they could also be used to boost your players’ abilities for things like quarterback accuracy, tackling, and interceptions. 

On the other side, you could use this Madden 22 cheat to lessen the abilities of CPU players for a bigger disparity, leading you to march down the field at will and force turnover after turnover.

Other abilities to tune include wide receiver catching, run blocking, and pass coverage.

2. Save scumming

While Franchise Mode does have an autosave feature, you could, if you really wanted, use the Madden 22 cheat of manually saving before a game, playing the game, and then re-opening the save if you don’t get the all-important win.

This is a go-to for many players who are desperate to hold the Lombardi Trophy aloft virtually. To revert to the old save, before a defeat, exit out of Franchise Mode and re-load that jammy old save file you created before that all-important game.

3. Turn off the salary cap in Franchise Mode

The fragilities of Franchise Mode have made fans of the mode lambast EA Sports, with one of the issues being centered around difficulties when trying to stay under the salary cap.

Unable to scale or back-end deals to be above board, even the serious gamers have turned off the cap. If turned off, you could stockpile a load of the league’s top-end talent.

You’d have to keep to the 53-man regular-season roster (plus a practice squad), but you could use this cheat for Madden 22 to end up with guns at every position.

This tip is best-exploited as a ‘finance mogul’ owner in Franchise Mode, to ensure that you can afford every free agent signing under the sun.

Gun players will become free agents at the end of each season in Franchise Mode, so look out during every offseason to splash your unlimited cash.

4. Crack out your editing tools

When all else fails in your Franchise Mode, the editing tools allow you to cheat and tweak just about anything in regards to your players. While the tool was intended to change equipment, you can alter attributes, contracts, and development traits.

If you feel a player has been underrated in several key attributes, feel free to pump those numbers up, or even further, push all those numbers to 99 and go wild on the field.

You could even make every player taller and heavier for those aesthetic boosts, too.

5. Cook the draft

This Madden 22 cheat takes a little more effort and skill but will be necessary for the future of your team. While trying not to burst your bubble, your bona fide guns will get old and retire, eventually.

So, turn off the trade deadline in your Franchise Mode settings, wait deep into a season, and then shoot your shot for future high-round draft picks. 

Look at teams with struggling records that season, the ones which are subsequently in line for top picks in the next draft, and trade multiple low-round picks and players surplus to requirements for a future star.

These Madden 22 cheats may not include any particular codes or glitches, but each of them allows you to get a tremendous boost against the standardized run of play.

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