Madden 22 Ultimate Team: Top 10 Players to earn coins [October 2021]

Get rich and buy all the cards you need with these coin-earning tips and tricks.

Madden 22 Ultimate Team is a popular mode that allows you to build a lineup made out of your favorite players. These player cards can be acquired by purchasing packs, completing in-game challenges, or buying them directly from the auction house. Packs and players are bought with coins and the prices have been rising making it difficult to get the top players for your team. 

A good way to earn coins is to buy players when they’re listed at a low price, and sell them when they get an upgrade and their prices rise. By doing this consistently you can surely get rich and buy the players needed for your team.

Without further ado, here we present the Top 10 Players to earn coins in Madden 22 Ultimate Team.

10. Myles Garrett (87 OVR) – DE


Xbox Price: 58,100
PlayStation Price: 57,000
PC Price: 57,200

Myles Garrett is arguably the best pass rusher in the NFL this year and MUT noticed. He received an early upgrade with a 92 OVR Team of the Week card and shows no sign of slowing down. With a talented Browns team headed to the playoffs, we expect an even better card to be released in the following months, increasing the price of his Power Up card and his 87 OVR.

9. Lane Johnson (85 OVR) – RT


Xbox Price: 35,600
PlayStation Price: 33,900
PC Price: 36,000

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Lane Johnson is a veteran tackle and an elite protector for the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite the difficulties the Eagles had this season, we predict that Johnson will get either a Heavyweight card or a Veteran card. This will boost up the price of his 85 OVR card. 

8. Nick Kwiatkoski (78 OVR) – MLB


Xbox Price: 13,100
PlayStation Price: 12,300
PC Price: 9,900

Nick Kwiatkoski is a middle linebacker for the Las Vegas Raiders. His 78 OVR card price is rising despite not being a big name in the NFL and not having mind-blowing stats in Madden 22 Ultimate Team. This is because the Raiders theme team is the most popular build right now and players on deep depth positions like MLB and TE will see an increase in prices.

7. Trevon Diggs (80 OVR) – CB


Xbox Price: 32,900
PlayStation Price: 37,100
PC Price: 37,400

Trevon Diggs has displayed an outstanding performance this season recording at least one interception in every game played. This is an insane stat that granted him a 92 OVR Team of the Week card. If his production continues, he’ll get more upgrades and his Power Up card will be worth way more.

6. Alec Ingold (78 OVR) – FB


Xbox Price: 14,200
PlayStation Price: 9,500
PC Price: 6,900

Similar to Nick Kwiatkoski, the value of Alec Ingold relies on his position and his team more than his stat. As the main FB for the Las Vegas Raiders, probably for the entirety of Madden 22, this card has a high price and will only rise as new Raiders cards come out.

5. Casey Hayward JR. (88OVR) – CB


Xbox Price: 68,100
PlayStation Price: 67,300
PC Price: 75,000

Casey Hayward is the perfect combination of a great team player and great stats. As an elite veteran Hayward has amazing coverage stats able to “clamp” any wide receiver. It also helps that he belongs to the Las Vegas Raiders, making his card desirable and profitable.

4. Kareem Hunt (84 OVR) – HB


Xbox Price: 38,100
PlayStation Price: 29,100
PC Price: 19,100

Kareem Hunt is the definition of bouncing back. After being released by the Chiefs for off the field issues, Hunt came back to the NFL as a Brown and has quickly become an outstanding RB alongside Nick Chubb. This year he has been a part of more reps and has developed into a fantastic player. MUT will absolutely upgrade his 84 OVR and this will make this card profitable in the long run.

3. Kyler Murray (87 OVR) – QB


Xbox Price: 63,600
PlayStation Price: 60,400
PC Price: 54,000

Kyler Murray continues to impress. The 2019 rookie of the year is performing at an MVP level and is currently the frontrunner to win that title. If so, Madden will grant him a 98 OVR card. This puts all of his cards right now at a desirable purchase spot as he will probably get upgrades throughout the year that will increase the price of his cards.

2. T.J. Watt (87 OVR) – LOLB


Xbox Price: 47,900
PlayStation Price: 50,200
PC Price: 49,600

T.J. Watt is one of the best pass rushers in Madden and in the NFL. His production hasn’t stopped since his rookie year and he is putting up another fantastic display this season too. His highest OVR card is an 87 Core Elite. This is quickly going to change as the season progresses. He currently has the second-most sacks and if he continues to impress he will get upgraded cards. This is a no-brainer as the price is currently fairly low and the upcoming cards could drive the price of this card astronomically.

1. Derrick Henry (76 OVR) – HB


Xbox Price: 12,200
PlayStation Price: 10,200
PC Price: 5,425

Derrick Henry is the most dominant running back of the last few years. He is again the current leader of rushing yards in the NFL and will probably maintain this pace throughout the season. This means he is going to get multiple upgrades from all the upcoming promos. Getting his Power Up early means you can sell it at a much higher price with the release of those upgrades. 

Hopefully, this has helped you get rich and acquire great players for your Madden 22 Ultimate Team lineup.

Note from the Editor: We do not condone or encourage the purchase of MUT Points by anyone under their location’s legal gambling age; the packs in Ultimate Team can be considered as a form of gambling. Always Be Gamble Aware.





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