NBA 2K23 My Career: Everything You Need to Know About the Press

Here’s your guide to the press and answering questions in MyCareer for NBA 2K23.

One thing every player in the NBA has to do is face questions from the press and media. The same holds true for your MyCareer player as you’ll face questions from reporters regardless of a win or loss, a good or bad performance.

Below, you’ll find everything you need to know about the reporters in NBA 2K23. This will include overviews of each reporter and what your responses can accomplish.
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How do you talk to the press in NBA 2K23’s MyCareer?

For the vast majority of times, you’ll answer questions from the press after games in post-game press conferences or locker room scrums. After a game, you’ll be notified if there is a presser or scrum available; you’ll usually do one, but not both after each game. However, not all availabilities are mandatory and some optional. The big drawback to skipping these is you’ll lose valuable opportunities to gain leadership skill points or branding points for endorsements.

When one is available, simply head to the press room (the opposite end of the locker room) for pressers or the locker room for scrums and press X or A.

You may be given missions to meet with reporters outside of the arena (more below), but those tend to be uncommon.

Who are the reporters in NBA 2K23’s MyCareer?

Picking a reporter in a post-game scrum.

There are three reporters whose questions you can answer should you call on them, though you may have one-on-one interviews outside of the arena.

1. John Luck

John Luck is the “access merchant” of the three reporters. He’ll lob you the easiest questions with the least amount of backlash opportunity. To use more slang, he’ll ask softball questions that don’t look to push buttons or garner an emotional response (he’s even derided for this on the in-game social media). Luck is also someone who, early on, your management team (there are no more agencies in 2K23!) will arrange a sit-down interview with to garner more fan support after the draft night debacle. Luck may be the best option for you if you struggled or your team lost the game.

2. Nate White

Nate White is, for lack of a better term, a needler. He’ll ask you the more difficult questions of the three and isn’t afraid to broach what some may consider a taboo topic with you: your rival Shep Owens. He’s the reporter who will find a negative in your game after putting up a line of 14-5-14-1-1 with one turnover. However, his questions aren’t malicious, and can be a good way to prep yourself for the challenges of MyCareer, especially if playing on higher difficulties.

3. Candace Green

Candace Green asking a basketball question after your first start.

Candace Green is middle ground between Luck and Duncan. Her questions tend to stay within the realm of the ins-and-outs of basketballs, the Xs and Os. Green may also ask you questions after blowouts that trigger responses for style (“We were rating everyone’s fits”) to music (“We were discussing the latest tracks to drop”). She isn’t immediately available as a reporter in your scrums and pressers, but a few games into the season is where you’ll be able to select her for questions. Her questions tend to be more open-ended, so be prepared for a long response from your player (which you can skip by holding X or A).

Does your choice of reporter matter?

Response options between The General and Trailblazer leadership styles.

Ostensibly, no. It’s really dependent on your game and if you want to answer questions that are easy, average, or difficult (relatively speaking). The main benefit to these availabilities is that it gives you easy and quick opportunities to gain leadership skill points (mostly). At times, you’ll have response options that up one of your branding areas, like music or corporate.

Gaining ten leadership points for The General with a response to Green’s question.

The icons after each response, admittedly, can be difficult to discern. It may be best to familiarize yourself with not only the logos for The General (a blue one) and The Trailblazer (a red one), but also all of the logos on your Brands & Endorsements page. Some will be obvious, like with music and style, but others not so much, so study them to make sure you know exactly what each response will entail.

Now you have everything you need to know about answering questions from the press in MyCareer in NBA 2K23. It’s best to do all availabilities to open up more options for your player both on and off the court.

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