NBA 2K23: Shortest Players

Are you looking to add a Muggsy Bogues-like player to your team? Here are the shortest players in NBA 2K23

The NBA is known for its towering athletic players and unfortunately, players under six feet tend to be discredited before being given an opportunity and have to prove themselves more than most. It’s also a fact that shorter players, even when tenacious on defense, fare far worse in defensive metrics against even the most average defender 6’4″ and above.

Size is important in basketball, but skill and determination often shine through with some smaller players, which makes the league sit up and take notice. Thanks to their size, very few of the shortest players in the NBA ever play anything beyond the point guard position, though a few can moonlight at shooting guard.

Shortest players in NBA 2K23

Below, you will find the shortest players in NBA 2K23. Every player plays the one with a select few playing the two as well. For the most part, shorter players are better at long-range shooting. 

1. Jordan McLaughlin (5’11”) 

Team: Minnesota Timberwolves 
Overall: 75 
Position: PG, SG 
Best Stats: 89 Steal, 84 Driving Layup, 84 Ball Handle 

The joint shortest player in NBA 2K23 is Jordan McLaughlin, signing with the Timberwolves on a two-way contract July 2019. He went on to score a career-high of 24 points and 11 assists in February 2020. In September 2021, he signed a standard contract. 

The 26-year-old has some great offensive stats with 84 Driving Layup, 80 Close Shot, 74 Mid-Range Shot, and 74 Three-Point Shot, making him a relatively good shooter. McLaughlin also has 84 Ball Handle, which will help him create space for him and his teammates, McLaughlin also has 89 Steal, able to win possession back for his side. 

2. McKinley Wright IV (5’11”)  

Team: Dallas Mavericks
Overall: 68 
Position: PG 
Best Stats: 84 Speed, 84 Acceleration, 84 Speed with Ball 

McKinley Wright IV is the joint shortest player in NBA2K23 and looks like he has the ability to blow by opposing defenders with ease. 

Wright has some decent offensive stats with his 74 Driving Layup, 71 Three-Point Shot, and 84 Free Throw. His standout attributes are his 84 Speed, 84 Acceleration, and 84 Speed With Ball, which will allow him to breeze past any defenders. However, he’s unlikely to crack the rotation, only seeing garbage time minutes as he is rated 68 OVR.

3. Chris Paul (6’0”) 

Team: Phoenix Suns 
Overall: 90 
Position: PG 
Best Stats: 97 Mid-Range Shot, 95 Close Shot, 96 Pass Accuracy 

“CP3” Chris Paul is widely recognised as one of the best point guards to ever play the game and the best pure point guard of the past two decades. He has a catalogue of awards and All-Star appearances, including leading the league in assists five times and steals a record six times. 

Paul has some incredible stats for a veteran player – he’s seemingly hit a new level since making his way to Phoenix. Offensively, his 97 Mid-Range Shot and 95 Close Shot make him one of the best mid-range shooters ever. His Three-Point Shooting (74) isn’t what it once was, but he’s still above-average from beyond the arc. He also has 88 Driving Layup, so finishing around the basket is no problem either. He is renowned for his passing and this is reflected in his 96 Pass Accuracy, 96 Pass IQ, and 91 Pass Vision. Paul additionally has 93 Ball Handle so he can create space for himself when needed. The 37-year-old is also defensively strong with his 90 Perimeter Defence and 83 Steal. 

4. Kyle Lowry (6’0”) 

Team: Miami Heat 
Overall: 82 
Position: PG 
Best Stats: 98 Shot IQ, 88 Close Shot, 81 Mid-Range Shot 

Kyle Lowry is considered to be the greatest player to have played for the Toronto Raptors after helping turn the franchise around and helping lead them to winning the NBA Championship in 2019 – with a big assist to Kawhi Leonard. Now entering his second year in Miami with Jimmy Butler, Lowry hopes to bring his veteran, championship experience to help this team win a title soon.

Lowry has some brilliant shooting stats with his 88 Close Shot, 81 Mid-Range Shot, and 81 Three-Point Shot, as well as 80 Driving Layup. The 36-year-old also has an eye for a pass with 80 Pass Accuracy and 80 Pass IQ. His strongest defensive stat is his 86 Perimeter Defence so he can relied upon to stop the opposition from raining threes. 

5. Davion Mitchell (6’0”) 

Team: Sacramento Kings 
Overall: 77 
Position: PG, SG 
Best Stats: 87 Close Shot, 82 Pass Accuracy, 85 Hands 

Selected as the ninth overall pick in the 2021 NBA Draft, Davion Mitchell went on to help Sacramento win the NBA Summer League, going on to be named the Summer League co-MVP along with Cameron Thomas. 

Mitchell is equipped with some good shooting with his 87 Close Shot, respectable 75 Mid-Range Shot, and 74 Three-Point Shot. His 86 Ball Handle and 82 Speed With Ball will help to dazzle opposition and create space which will allow him to use his 82 Pass Accuracy and Pass IQ. Mitchell should also see more time with the departure of Tyrese Haliburton, sliding in next to starting one De’Aaron Fox.

6. Tyus Jones (6’0”) 

Team: Memphis Grizzlies 
Overall: 77 
Position: PG 
Best Stats: 89 Close Shot, 88 Free Throw, 83 Three-Point Shot 

Tyus Jones attended Duke University in 2014. He went on to win NCAA Tournament Most Outstanding Player during Duke’s victory in the championship game of the 2015 NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament.  He’s been more of a sixth man and backup point guard for most his NBA career, but is one of the better assist men in the NBA.

Jones has some fantastic offensive numbers with his 89 Close Shot, 83 Mid-Range Shot, and 83 Three-Point Shot, as well as 82 Driving Layup which makes him an attacking threat from all angles. Other areas of strength for Jones include his 97 Shot IQ and his 82 Ball Handling. 

7. Jose Alvarado (6’0”) 

Team: New Orleans Pelicans 
Overall: 76 
Position: PG 
Best Stats: 98 Steal, 87 Close Shot, 82 Perimeter Defence 

Jose Alvarado is currently playing for New Orleans Pelicans, signing a two-way contract after going undrafted in 2021 NBA Draft. He split time between the Pelicans and their G-League affiliate, the Birmingham Squadron, and then signed a new four-year standard deal in March 2022. 

Alvarado has some quality stats, especially his 98 Steal, which will help to win back possessions and make opponents think twice in the passing lanes. He’s widely regarded as one of the top defenders at the point guard position. His offensive stats are decent, with 87 Close Shot and 79 Driving Layup, but also a reasonable 72 Mid-Range Shot and 73 Three-Point Shot. 

All of the shortest players in NBA 2K23 

In the table below, you will find the shortest players in NBA 2K23. If you are looking for a smaller player to speed past the giants, look no further. 

Name Height Overall Team Position 
Jordan McLaughlin 5’11” 75 Minnesota Timberwolves PG/SG 
McKinley Wright IV 5’11” 68 Dallas Mavericks PG 
Chris Paul 6’0” 90 Phoenix Suns PG 
Kyle Lowry 6’0” 82 Miami Heat PG 
Davion Mitchell 6’0” 77 Sacramento Kings PG/SG 
Tyus Jones 6’0” 77 Memphis Grizzlies PG 
Jose Alvarado 6’0” 76 New Orleans Pelicans  PG 
Aaron Holiday 6’0” 75 Atlanta Hawks SG/PG 
Ish Smith  6’0” 75 Denver Nuggets PG 
Patty Mills 6’0” 72 Brooklyn Nets PG 
Trey Burke 6’0” 71 Houston Rockets SG/PG 
Trevor Hudgins 6’0” 68 Houston Rockets PG 

Now you know which players you should acquire to play some real small ball. Which of these players will you target?

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