Stray: All Sheet Music Locations

Here’s where you can find all pieces of sheet music in Stray.

Stray has taken the gaming world by storm with the little cat and companion robot, B-12, making for a sneakily endearing duo. Whether it’s nuzzling up against robots or leaping across rooftops, the adventures of the cat and robot are sure to keep you entertained as you traverse through the dystopic city filled with Zurks.

Below, you will find your guide on a miscellaneous side quest, one that doesn’t necessarily need to be accomplished for the story. However, by finding all pieces of sheet music in the slums, you will pop the Meowlody trophy. As an added bonus, the robot, Morusque, will play each tune for you.

1. Sheet Music 1

You can find the first sheet in Momo’s apartment, high above the slums along the rooftops. You’ll have to head to Momo’s to advance the storyline anyway, but the location of the sheet music isn’t obvious once you enter.

Head inside, then head to the left and into a darkened room. Turn on the flashlight with B-12 if needed and then climb the boxes to find the sheet music on a shelf.

2. Sheet Music 2

The second piece by number is on a lanai overlooking the rooftops. Directly across from Momo’s you’ll see a blue face painted next to Clementine’s apartment. Head that way, but instead of heading straight into the apartment, go onto the lanai just above and to the right to find the sheet on a table.

3. Sheet Music 3

The third piece is inside Elliot’s apartment. If you haven’t yet been here, it’s just past Dufer’s Bar with the translatable sheet on the door. You’ll need to interact with Triangle to begin scratching the door, which will cause the door to open. Head inside and nab the third piece on the painting directly across from the door. Go upstairs and interact with the pull-down curtain to lift it, giving you easy access in and out of the apartment without needing to scratch the door each time as you will need to return.

4. Sheet Music 4

The fourth piece is actually the only one you’ll get by bartering. The bartering robot will trade a piece of sheet music for a vending machine drink. Luckily, at the bottom of the opposite stairwell across from Morusque (the musician), you can find a working vending machine for a drink. Return to the barterer and trade the drink for the fourth sheet music.

5. Sheet Music 5

The fifth piece is in a location you’ll be frequently a lot in Dufer’s Bar. Head upstairs and jump onto one of the booths behind the pool table. There, you’ll find the sheet music.

6. Sheet Music 6

The sixth piece is inside Clementine’s apartment. Enter and head through the doors into the bedroom. The sheet music is on a bookshelf to the right. If you haven’t yet, head to the left afterward to nab Clementine’s Notebook, needed for Momo’s mission.

7. Sheet Music 7

The seventh piece is located inside of Doc’s apartment, the library. Doc’s apartment is to the right of Momo’s (look for the blue face). Once you enter, head right and the turn the corner to find the piano in a small room. The sheet music is on the piano.

8. Sheet Music 8

The final sheet may be the most, if not difficult, meandering piece to obtain. First, head to the end of the alley with Morusque and turn left. There’s a safe with a note, binary code. You’ll need to find a “real nerd” to crack the code (and eventually the safe). The only robot with the technical acumen for this is Elliot. He tells you to head to Dufer’s Bar. Interact with the painting above the Dufer’s Bar sign to reveal a code: 1-2-8-3. Head back to unlock the safe and nab the last sheet.

Deliver all of the sheets to Morusque, though you will have to give them to the robot individually and listen through each song before giving him the next one. Once you hand him the last piece (in whatever order), you’ll pop the Mewolody trophy and be done with one of the collectibles in Stray.





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