Madden 22: Best Playbooks for Running QBs

If you like playing with running quarterbacks, these are the best playbooks and plays for you in Madden 22.

Ever since Michael Vick broke the game in Madden 2004, many gamers have built their playstyle around fleet-footed quarterbacks. Madden 22 includes speedy quarterbacks like Lamar Jackson, Kyler Murray, and Patrick Mahomes, as well as veterans who are shiftier than fast at this point, like Russell Wilson and Aaron Rodgers.

Maybe you built your player as a speedy quarterback and are wondering which teams would work best for you (assuming that you can usurp the starter), or maybe you want your team to be built around fast quarterbacks.

Below you will find the best playbooks for running quarterbacks in Madden 22. They all do one thing very well, the most basic thing that you can do with running quarterbacks: let them use their legs.

1. Arizona Cardinals (NFC West)

Best plays:

  • Lead Read Option (Pistol, Full Panther)
  • QB Draw (Shotgun, Bunch Quads)
  • PA Boot Slide (Pistol, Open Slot)

With Kyler Murray at quarterback, the Arizona playbook has many Boot and Option plays to put Murray’s speed and athleticism (a draft pick by MLB’s Oakland Athletics) to full use. The threat of his legs makes Play Action that much more dangerous.

The Pistol and Shotgun formations should be the base of your strategy as they include most of the Option plays. The Lead Read Option is a more advanced Option play in a formation built around the QB moving, and while it may seem odd to have a QB Draw listed, being that it is in Shotgun, you should have plenty of time to build up speed and avoid defenders for at least a modest gain. Boot plays are always good for running QBs, especially if they have a strong arm on the run, as Murray does.

2. Baltimore Ravens (AFC North)

Best plays:

  • Raven Read Option (Pistol, Full House Base)
  • Motion Read Option (Shotgun, Split Wing Nasty)
  • PA Spring HB Flat (Singleback, Wing Pair)

Lamar Jackson has been one of the most dynamic and fun players to witness since entering the NFL, thanks, in part, to a playbook that highlights his strengths. John Harbaugh shifted well from the previous era of the slower Joe Flacco to Jackson, and the playbook proves that notion.

The appropriately-named Raven Read Option should be the main Option play that you run from this playbook. It has a good number of blockers, and with both backs as options, it can become a big yardage play if properly executed.

PA Spring HB Flat moves the QB out of the pocket and provides enough passing opportunities in motion than against the body. It is also out of the Singleback formation, so it may catch your opponent off-guard as they may expect a handoff in that situation.

3. Kansas City Chiefs (AFC West)

Best plays:

  • Spread Option (Pistol, Wing Flex Close)
  • Fake Jet Pass Power (Shotgun, Doubles Y Off)
  • PA Boot Slide (Singleback, Deuce Close)

Long-hailed as a creative offensive play-caller, Andy Reid continues that streak with a Kansas City playbook that’s centered around arguably the best player in the game, Patrick Mahomes.

Fake Jet Pass Power out of the Shotgun formation might be the most devastating attack with a running QB. Particularly with the playmakers on offense, the threat of a possible handoff or pass to a Tyreek Hill, for example, should make defenses shudder.

It should also take the defender tracking the wide receiver out of the equation, resulting in one fewer defender for you to miss. The pulling Left Guard should also help form a seam in the defense (granted that they get there before you).

The Spread Option and PA Boot Slide give you more room to work with than the Fake Jet Pass Power, so use that to your advantage if you are feeling cramped by the latter.

4. New England Patriots (AFC East)

Best plays:

  • PA Boot Y-Wheel (Pistol, Weak I)
  • Read Option (Shotgun, Ace Slot Offset)
  • Power Option (Pistol, Weak I)

As the playbook in the game was created with Cam Newton in mind, there are still a plethora of plays putting the QB on the run. Mac Jones is not Newton athletically, but he also is not Tom Brady; he should do fine in Franchise Mode with this playbook.

PA Boot Y-Wheel is slightly different than most PA Boot plays in most playbooks because the route of the Y-receiver (TE) is a wheel route away from the direction of the QB’s run. In theory, that should open the side more for a run or for the crossing receiver to make an easy catch.

Both Option plays are ideal in terms of keeping the defense off balance. Trying one of the Option plays on 2nd-and-3 or shorter could be a big play.

5. Seattle Seahawks (NFC West)

Best plays:

  • Read Option (Shotgun, Trips TE Offset)
  • Triple Option (Pistol, Strong Slot Open)
  • PA Boot (Pistol, Ace)

A team that makes good use of the Pistol and Shotgun sets, Seattle might be the ideal team for your running QB desires.

Seattle’s Triple Option is a bit unique in that not all three runners run the same way, as one heads the opposite way. This could take a defender away from your QB if they do bite, but if they do not, you still have a pitch (or fake) to work with.

The offensive line in Seattle has faced questions for years, but Pete Carroll has incorporated many plays to try and make up for that shortcoming. The Read Option comes in a Shotgun set with three TEs, giving you extra blockers who are, at worst, decent at blocking. The Boot play again gets you away from a suspect line while utilizing your legs to your benefit.

While these playbooks stand out, others do have sets that could prove successful for your running QB. As mentioned above, Seattle may have the best playbook for a running QB, only offset a bit by their offensive line. Regardless, choose one of these five to fulfill your running QB dreams.

Bruce L

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