Madden 23: Best Quarterback (QB) X-Factors

Here are the X-Factors for quarterbacks in Madden 23.

Quarterback is arguably the hardest position to play in sports. They have to read every team’s defense, throw accurate passes in tight windows, galvanize the other ten offensive players, and call plays on the fly (audibles). 

Madden 23 Superstar X-Factors enhance quarterbacks’ abilities in specific areas. Activating these abilities requires meeting certain conditions, such as a specific number of consecutive passes or passes at a certain distance. Read below for the best X-Factors for quarterbacks in Madden 23. 

1. Blitz Radar

Identifying which defenders are sent to blitz your quarterback is vital to a successful passing game. The defensive lineman’s job is to rush the passer by default, but any defender can be given a blitz assignment to disguise what coverage or scheme they are running.   

Blitz Radar highlights extra blitzers with red exclamation marks. This will allow you to change blocking coverage, call an audible, or hot route a receiver. Particularly if the middle of the field becomes vacated due to a blitz, look for a quick slant or short in for some quick yards. The Blitz Radar Superstar X-Factor is triggered after three scrambles of 10+ yards. You will lose the ability after being sacked twice.

2. Bazooka

What’s the point of having deep threat receivers if you can’t throw the ball as far as they can run? Interceptions often happen on long-fly routes simply because the quarterback’s arm strength left the ball short and into the hands of the defensive back that your receiver is outrunning. This can be demoralizing.   

Bazooka enhances the arm strength of a quarterback by increasing maximum throwing distance up to 83 yards total while in the zone. The X-Factor ability is triggered after completing one pass with at least 30+ yards of air time. Taking a sack deactivates the ability.  

3. Dots

Passing accuracy is one of the most important skills for a quarterback. It is very impressive to have the ability to scramble but if you cannot place the ball where your receiver can catch it, it is all for nothing. Off target passes lead to an increase in turnovers and three and out possessions.  

The Dots Superstar X-Factor ability grants a quarterback perfect passing on any throw. This does not give you license to throw the ball to receivers that are not open. As long as you make sound decisions with the ball, every ball will be on target. This ability is triggered by three consecutive completions of at least five yards and is disabled after an incompletion. 

4. Truzz

Seasoned veterans of the Madden series know once a quarterback passes the line of scrimmage, the possibility of a fumble is significantly increased. It can be very frightening initially when Lamar Jackson or Patrick Mahomes take off running. At the first sign of trouble, the smartest course of action is to either slide or run out of bounds.   

The Truzz Superstar X-Factor ability eliminates fumbling as a result of a tackle while in the zone. Now you can just take off running and squeeze out every yard without the threat of dropping the ball. The ability is activated after five runs of at least a yard and is deactivated after a tackle for a loss.   

5. Pro Reads

The best quarterbacks have great poise under pressure. After the ball is snapped, it is important to remain calm and go through your read progressions. When facing a defense that relies heavily on blitzing, things can become very frustrating. At times, even if you identify an open receiver, the pressure on the quarterback can force errant throws.   

The Pro Reads Superstar X-Factor highlights the first open target and gives the quarterback the ability to ignore the pressure. This can give you the split second you need for a passing window to open as well as still being able to throw an accurate pass with a defender closing. This ability is unlocked after three consecutive passes of at least five yards and is lost after one sack.   

Madden 23 X-Factor abilities provide great value to an offense. In most game modes players will already have assigned abilities. In MUT and Franchise modes these X-Factors can be unlocked and given to the player of your choice, as well as unlocked through your Face of the Franchise quarterback. As you experience the game, you will find which abilities match your current QB as well as how it fits your playing style.

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