Ninjala: Burton

Meet Burton, one of the combatants of the legendary Ninjala Tournament – which will determine the mightiest ninja of all.

Burton enters Ninjala having been working on research into Ninja-Gum.

Now, the ninja descendant is ready to enter the Ninjala Tournament, seeking to uphold the legacy of his almighty ancestor.

About Burton

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Burton, the ever-optimistic ninja researcher, heads a team that’s made over 2500 attempts at creating functional Ninja-Gum.

Working alongside Berecca and Ron for three years, Burton tries to keep morale high among his peers by regularly quoting Thomas Edison:

“We haven’t failed. We’ve just found 10,000 ways that won’t work.”

After accidentally discovering the formula for some working prototype Ninja-Gum, due to a cat bell entering the mechanism, Burton eats the sample Ninja-Gum.

Experimenting with some of his newfound ninja speed and agility, Ron reveals himself to be an undercover ninja, attempting to strike Burton with his steel katana.

Wanting to see the true power of the Ninja-Gum, Ron continues to attack Burton – further destroying their lab.

To defend himself, Burton reveals the power of the Ninja-Gum by blowing a bubble and then crafting it into an Ippon Katana.

After fighting back against Ron, the turncoat says, “that’s what I expected from Hanzo’s descendant,” before unveiling more of his traditional ninja powers.

Burton eventually defeats Ron by Ippon, and explains to Berecca that chewing Ninja-Gum allows the ninja descendant to synthesise powerful ninja weapons.

However, Burton and Berecca soon realise that eating the prototype Ninja-Gum turns the consumer into a child; a child with ninja powers nonetheless.

So, Berecca tells Burton that they must both enter Ninjala to find a way to reverse the de-ageing effects of the Ninja-Gum.


While there are many customisation items available for those who use Burton as their character, with more becoming available in each season pass, his default attire is a navy graphic t-shirt, dark-blue coat, blue glasses, purple headphones, and blonde spiked hair.

To change your avatar to the character Ron, you’ll need to equip the items in the table below:

Avatar CustomisationBurton’s Default
HeadgearBurton’s Headphones
Facial AccessoryBurton’s Glasses
CostumeBurton’s Attire
FaceBurton’s Face
Hair ColourRow 2, Option 1
Skin ColourRow 1, Option 2
Eye ColourRow 3, Option 1
VoiceBurton’s Voice


In Ninjala, Burton is voiced by Max Mittelman and Takahiro Sakurai.

Burton is one of the eight original ninjas competing in the Ninjala Tournament and is available from the launch of Ninjala.


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