Ninjala: Emma

Meet Emma, one of the combatants of the legendary Ninjala Tournament – will she prove to be the mightiest ninja of all?

Emma has been invited to compete in the Ninjala Tournament after word spread of her efforts as a protector of the weak.

She has droves of fans all over the world, with her style of fighting and skill making Emma one of the most popular entrants to Ninjala.

About Emma

Image Source: Ninjala

Emma is famed around the world for her incredibly eye-catching style of ninja fighting.

Known as the ‘Ninja Dancer,’ Emma boasts tremendous acrobatic skills and applies her perfect sense of rhythm to her ninja fighting style.

Emma honed her skills on the streets of her home city, using them to protect the weak while moonlighting as a vigilante hero.

The World Ninja Association caught wind of her heroic efforts and fame as the ‘Ninja Dancer,’ with the WNA Communications Division deciding the recruit Emma to Ninjala.


While there are many customisation items available for those who use Emma as their character, with more becoming available in each season pass, her default attire is a pink vest, white hooded-coat, green dreadlocks, and a blue headband.

To change your avatar to the character Emma, you’ll need to equip the items in the table below:

Avatar CustomisationEmma’s Default
Facial AccessoryNone
CostumeEmma’s Attire
HairstyleLong Dreads
FaceEmma’s Face
Hair ColourRow 2, Option 2
Skin ColourRow 3, Option 1
Eye ColourRow 2, Option 1
VoiceEmma’s Voice


Emma is one of the eight original ninjas competing in the Ninjala Tournament and is available from the launch of Ninjala.


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