Ninjala: Kappei

Meet Kappei, one of the combatants of the legendary Ninjala Tournament trying to prove that they are the greatest ninja in existence.

Kappei is entering the Ninjala Tournament with the aim of showcasing his knowledge and skill in swordsmanship.

Unique among the Ninjala combatants, Kappei also has a special connection to an extraterrestrial being.

About Kappei

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Kappei has been a student of swordsmanship for years, learning lessons and skills from his seasoned grandfather.

While Kappei has always had an interest in swordsmanship and has proven to be a natural talent in the art, unbeknownst of his ancestry, he eventually learned that he’s a descendant of an ancient ninja.

Throughout the ages, Kappei’s ancestors have protected a special alien, Gumchi, who now joins the ninja descendant on his Ninjala adventure.

With Gumchi by his side, Kappei has gone in search of the brother of his grandfather, exploring Komerika to do so.


While there are many customisation items available for those who use Kappei as their character in Ninjala, with more becoming available in each season pass, his default attire is a white hat with pink features, a baggy dark blue top, black boots, and aqua-coloured hair.

To change your avatar to the character Kappei, you’ll need to equip the items in the table below:

Avatar Customisation Kappei’s Default
Headgear None
Facial Accessory Kappei’s Nose Tape
Costume Kappei’s Attire
Hairstyle Casual & Short
Face Kappei’s Face
Hair Colour Row 1, Option 1
Skin Colour Row 2, Option 1
Eye Colour Row 2, Option 1
Voice Kappei’s Voice


Kappei is one of the eight original ninjas competing in the Ninjala Tournament and is available from the launch of Ninjala.

Kappei’s alien friend, Gumchi, has been protected by his family in Iga for generations. Gumchi is said to possibly hold great power and many secrets.


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