Ninjala: Lucy

Meet Lucy, one of the combatants of the legendary Ninjala Tournament vying to prove that she’s the ultimate ninja.

Lucy may not even be in Ninjala if she hadn’t been sent to training school.

Now, she’s one of the most cheery and likeable characters partaking in the Ninjala Tournament.

About Lucy

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For a very long time, following a traumatic event, Lucy locked herself away from the world, concealing her talents in the ninja arts.

However, Lucy was thrust back into the world and into the society of her fellow ninja descendants, due to her mother requesting that she join the World Ninja Association Training School.

Having enjoyed her time in training school, Lucy found her true self once again. She’s now one of the most cheerful and charismatic characters in the Ninjala.

Now that she’s out of her shell, Lucy can showcase her incredible skill, often posing as a bit of a wild card.


While there are many customisation items available for those who use Lucy as their character, with more becoming available in each season pass, her default attire is a punk rock look, complete with a medical eye-patch, spiked hair scrunchie, and a pair of hefty blue boots.

To change your avatar to the character Lucy, you’ll need to equip the items in the table below:

Avatar CustomisationLucy’s Default
Facial AccessoryLucy’s Eyepatch
CostumeLucy’s Attire
HairstyleTwin Ponytails
FaceLucy’s Face
Hair ColourRow 1, Option 1
Skin ColourRow 1, Option 1
Eye ColourRow 1, Option 1
VoiceLucy’s Voice


Lucy is one of the eight original ninjas competing in the Ninjala Tournament and is available from the launch of Ninjala.


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