Ninjala: Ron

Meet Ron, one of the combatants of the legendary Ninjala Tournament – will he prove to be the mightiest ninja of all?

Ron is a well-trained ninja descendant seeking to unlock the full potential of his abilities.

Having shown his true colours, Ron is entering the Ninjala Tournament, ever adhering to the ancient code of the ninja.

About Ron

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Ron is always focused, fixed on his ultimate goal, and often described as the enigmatic type.

As a researcher working alongside Berecca and Burton, Ron is the senior part of the team working to create Ninja-Gum.

When the team accidentally synthesises some functioning Ninja-Gum, due to a cat bell floating into the test formula, Ron reveals his real purpose.

Ron corners Burton, steel katana in hand, and takes a swing. He reveals that he can finally accomplish his mission, and continues to attack Burton.

Continuing to honour the ancient ways of the ninja, when asked who he is, Ron simply replies: “the ninja code forbids us from revealing our names.”

Ron reveals that he is there to witness the true power of the Ninja-Gum. After dropping his gum-stuck katana and whipping out a couple of sai, Burton is forced to blow a gum bubble and create an Ippon Katana.

Ron, now satisfied that he knows the power of Ninja-Gum, engages Burton in battle, intending to kill the researcher.

During the conflict, Ron also reveals that he knows of Burton’s ancestry – a descendant of the legendary Hanzo.

Ron taps into more of his ancient ninja skill to take down Burton. In a burst of smoke, Ron summons several ethereal forms of himself, surrounding Burton with the Bunshin no Jutsu to deceive his foe.

Just as Ron is about to complete his goal of killing Burton, he’s struck by the Ippon Katana and thrown across the room into a patch of gum to be defeated by Ippon.


While there are many customisation items available for those who use Ron as their character, with more becoming available in each season pass, his default attire is a black jumper, white overcoat, and short dreds with blue beads.

To change your avatar to the character Ron, you’ll need to equip the items in the table below:

Avatar CustomisationRon’s Default
Facial AccessoryNone
CostumeRon’s Attire
HairstyleUndercut Dreads
FaceRon’s Face
Hair ColourRow 4, Option 4
Skin ColourRow 3, Option 2
Eye ColourRow 5, Option 1
VoiceRon’s Voice


In Ninjala, Ron is voiced by Regi Davis and Hiroki Yasumoto.

Ron is one of the eight original ninjas competing in the Ninjala Tournament and is available from the launch of Ninjala.


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