Harvest Moon One World: How to Get Tomato Juice Recipe, Complete Kanoa’s Request

You won’t find Tomato Juice listed conveniently under its own name, so here’s how you go about getting the Tomato Juice Recipe in Harvest Moon: One World.

While there is a main story guiding you through Harvest Moon: One World, which dictates many key upgrade and item unlocks, much of the game revolves around completing requests for people that you’ve met.

One such request comes from Halo Halo resident Kanoa, who wants you to fetch him two Tomato Juices. In return, you’ll get four Red Seabream.

Certainly not the easiest recipe to find, here’s how you can get your hands on the Tomato Juice Recipe as well as Tomato Seeds to create the Tomato Juice that Kanoa wants.

How to unlock Tomato Juice Recipe in Harvest Moon: One World

To make Tomato Juice in Harvest Moon: One World, you’ll first need to buy the recipe. In the game, there are two main places to get recipes from: Cafe Mahalo in Halo Halo and Samantha’s Mobile Shop, which can be found in any village.

The Tomato Juice Recipe is sold by Samantha, so first, you’ll need to unlock the Mobile Shop. To do this, you must complete the ‘Fix the Cart’ request from Ahina, detailed in depth in our Strawberry Jam guide. If this request isn’t in your DocPad yet, you’ll need to find and talk to Ahina, likely in Cafe Mahalo.

Completing the ‘Fix the Cart’ request will establish the Mobile Shop in each village. Samantha’s stock is largely dependent on what fruits and vegetables you’ve discovered. The Tomato Juice Recipe is hidden within the 3,000G Vegetable Juice Recipe.

You may be able to find it in the Mobile Shop already, on the third tab, but if not, you’ll need to grow and log each of the ingredients to the other recipes that come with the Vegetable Juice Recipe.

The three recipes are the Green Smoothie (Kale and Apple), Tomato Juice (Tomato), and Carrot Juice (Carrot).

Apples can be found on trees around the first area, Calisson, particularly in the grove where the Brown Bear spawns. Kale Seeds are commonly found in Lebkuchen, in the second pocket along the trail up the Volcano.

Carrot Seeds are located on the other side of the bridge leading east from Calisson, following the path east to the U-bend, which is where the Harvest Wisp will be during the day. Tomato Seeds are found around Braden’s House, to the south of the area.

Once you have discovered all of these crops by growing a Carrot, Tomato, and Spinach, you should be able to return to any Mobile Shop in Harvest Moon: One World and buy the Vegetable Juice Recipe for 3,000G to unlock Tomato Juice.

How to make Tomato Juice in Harvest Moon: One World

Now that you have the Tomato Juice Recipe, you’ll be able to make some Tomato Juice in Harvest Moon: One World. First, you’ll need to get two Tomatoes to complete Kanoa’s request for two Tomato Juices.

Tomato Seeds will be among the first that you discover in the game. If you’ve run out of the seeds, though, you can grab some more outside of Braden’s Home in Calisson, as shown below. They can be picked up throughout the day time.

Growing some Tomatoes is very easy in Harvest Moon. As shown on the list of the best and most valuable crops in the game, the Tomato isn’t a valuable crop, but its nine-day growth cycle does yield three Tomatoes.

So, to get just enough Tomatoes to complete Kanoa’s request for two Tomato Juices, you only need to plant one batch of Tomato Seeds. Once planted, make sure that you water the plot each day and put down Fertiliser if there’s a storm coming.

With two Tomatoes in your Bag, go into your House, to the Kitchen, and move to the second tab. Here, you should see the red Tomato Juice. After you select it, press ‘Cook,’ and you’ll get Tomato Juice in Harvest Moon: One World.

To fulfil Kanoa’s request, you’ll just need to give him the Tomato Juice. If you go into your DocPad and select ‘A Request from Kanoa,’ it’ll place a question mark on your map to indicate Kanoa’s location. They’re usually by the Halo Halo shore or in their hut, as shown below.

Now that you know how to get Tomato Juice in Harvest Moon: One World, you can fulfil Kanoa’s request and have another way to survive the desert heat.

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