Harvest Moon One World: Where to Get Cedar Lumber and Titanium, Large House Upgrade Guide

In search of Titanium and Cedar Lumber to upgrade your House in Harvest Moon: One World? Here’s where you need to look.

Whether you’re just a bit bored of your four walls or want an extra space for a pet instead of releasing your animals, at some point, you’ll likely want to take up Doc Jr’s offer to upgrade your House in Harvest Moon: One World.

It’s certainly not a cheap venture, and it requires you to get two somewhat uncommon materials: Cedar Lumber and Titanium. You’ll also need to save 70,000G to buy the House upgrade.

In this guide, we’ll go through everything that you’ll need to collect the Large House upgrade materials in Harvest Moon, as well as where to find Cedar Lumber and Titanium.

How to upgrade your Axe and Hammer in Harvest Moon: One World

To chop down Cedar Trees to get Cedar Lumber and destroy the higher-quality crystals for Titanium Ore in Harvest Moon: One World, you’ll need to upgrade your Axe and Hammer to the Expert Axe and Expert Hammer.

After you’ve found Doc Jr laying on the beach of Halo Halo, and have completed his Workbench request, return to the Mine that sits along the path from Calisson to Halo Halo. At the Mine’s entrance, talk to Dva.

First, he’ll ask you to bring him five Bronze – which you can craft from five Bronze Ore at Doc’s Inventions in Doc Jr’s house – to upgrade your farming equipment.

Afterwards, if you’ve completed the quests for Pastilla village to obtain their Medallion, you can go back to Dva to upgrade your harvesting tools. Bring the miner five Silver, and he’ll reward you with the recipes for the Expert Axe, Expert Fishing Rod, and Expert Hammer.

Once you have the recipes, return to your House, access the Workbench, and then use eight Bronze to get the Expert Hammer and Expert Axe. Now, you have the tools needed to easily acquire Cedar Lumber and Titanium.

Where to find Cedar Lumber in Harvest Moon: One World

You can find the trees that give you Cedar Lumber up in the snowy tundra of Salmiakki. When you arrive in the village, follow the track to the east, loop around the small pool of water, and then into the open mountain area.

To the south and the north of the Salmiakki mountain area, you’ll be able to find several Cedar Trees to cut down with your Expert Axe and get Cedar Lumber in Harvest Moon: One World.

You’ll need ten Cedar Lumber to upgrade to the Large House, so you’ll need to cut down and chop the stumps of five Cedar Trees in Salmiakki.

Where to find Titanium in Harvest Moon: One World

To get Titanium Ore in Harvest Moon: One World, you’ll need to travel to the central village of Lebkuchen, go around the base of the Volcano, and over to the Mine.

In the Lebkuchen Mine, you can find everything from Iron to Gold, Ruby Gemstones to Agate Gemstones, and Titanium Ore.

Luckily, you don’t have to reach the lower levels of the Mine to get Titanium Ore, but the white crystals found from Floor 10 and down appear to have a higher drop rate of rarer materials, such as Titanium Ore.

You’ll need to harvest five Titanium Ore from the Lebkuchen Mine to upgrade your House in Harvest Moon. So, to ensure that you get enough in one attempt, bring some prepared food from your Kitchen.

As it only requires one of each of the lowest-value Crops from the best Seeds list, the Root Veggie Salad is a strong choice for mining. You just need one Potato and one Turnip to benefit from its two-and-a-half heart boost to your Stamina bar.

Once you have five pieces of Titanium Ore, head back to the starting location of the game, into Doc Jr’s house, and use Doc’s Inventions to convert the Titanium Ore into Titanium for the Large House upgrade. Converting Titanium Ore into Titanium sheets will cost you 150G and one piece of ore per sheet.

How to upgrade your House in Harvest Moon: One World

With your five Titanium pieces, ten Cedar Lumber, and 70,000G, you can upgrade your starting House into the Large House in Harvest Moon: One World.

Use your DocPad to look at the World Map and activate the Memory Portal to fast travel to your original home. Next, enter Doc Jr’s house and select the machine at the back of the room to bring up Doc’s Inventions.

Switch the tab from ‘Farm Items’ to ‘Farming Facilities’ and select the Large House upgrade. As you now have ten Cedar Lumber, five Titanium, and 70,000G, you’ll be able to select ‘Create’ to transform your House into a Large House.

Your new Large House comes with a sofa for quick Stamina recovery and an extra bowl for another domesticated animal. Building a Large House also unlocks the Doc Jr request ‘Make a Dresser,’ which requires four more Cedar Lumber to fulfil.

There you have it: you now know how and where to get Cedar Lumber and Titanium for the upgrade of your House to a Large House in Harvest Moon: One World.

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