Madden 23: Best QB Build for Face of the Franchise

We’ve created the best QB build for Face of the Franchise in Madden 23.

One of the most appealing aspects to sports video games is living your professional athlete dreams vicariously through your virtual self.

Below, you will find the best build for a quarterback Face of the Franchise in Madden 23. This will also include an overview of the best builds for a pocket passer and running quarterback.

Quarterback build overview 

Below are all the key attributes required to build the best QB in Madden 23:

  • Position: QB 
  • Height: 6’2’’
  • Weight: 215 lbs 
  • Physique: Balanced 
  • Skills to prioritize: Throw Accuracy, Pocket Presence, Throw on the Run
  • Total skill points for max: 71
  • X-Factor: Run & Gun 
  • Superstar abilities: Red Zone Deadeye, Gift-Wrapped, Increase Throw Power  

Quarterback strengths and weaknesses 

QB strengths are Passing and Arm Strength ratings

The best quarterbacks in the modern era have a pass-first mentality, but also enough mobility to avoid sacks and extend plays. Your player will have maximum accuracy and strength ratings, essential to getting the ball down the field and on target. The only glaring weakness at quarterback is Hit Power, but quarterbacks typically avoid contact with defenders, which makes this weakness irrelevant. Choosing this position also gives you more control of the offense as the quarterback makes all the real-time decisions.  

Quarterback physique

Balanced QB physique

Quarterbacks with Balanced physiques can do a little bit of everything. They are better playmakers than game managers, but they aren’t passing for 300 yards to go with 100 rushing yards. They have great speed, can put some zip on the ball, and can occasionally break a tackle or two. The perks of the Balanced physique are Truck and Spin Bronze. These two perks utilize the balance of speed and power of this physique. 

Quarterback build skills

Prioritize Throw Accuracy, Pocket Presence, Throw on the Run

Face of the Franchise mode uses skill groups that represent one or more individual skills. Throw accuracy is a combination of short, mid, and deep throw accuracies. Upgrading the skill group increases each individual skill included in the group. The initial skill rating will change depending on the current player’s physique. 

Players can be upgraded to 99, but the maximum rating level of individual skills will be limited to the current physique. Skill points are earned from side activities, in-game challenges, and the completion of goals. Upgrade your player based on your playstyle and player type as you can preview changes in overall ratings by highlighting additional skill points. You also have the option to reset all skills and abilities.  

Here’s the ideal build of skill points to invest in your quarterback:

  • Throw Power Max: 9 skill points  
  • Max skill rating: 93 
  • Throw Accuracy Max: 16 skill points 
  • Max skill rating: 95 
  • Throw on the Run Max: 16 skill points 
  • Max skill rating: 95 
  • Power Scrambling Max: 9 skill points 
  • Max skill rating: 77 
  • Elusive Scrambling Max: 9 skill points 
  • Max skill rating: 77 
  • Pocket Presence Max: 12 skill points 
  • Max skill rating: 95 

This means you will need 71 total skill points to max out your quarterback

X-Factor and Superstar abilities

Select Run & Gun along with Red Zone Deadeye, Gift-Wrapped, Increase Throw Power abilities

Abilities are unlocked as you progress to new levels in the game. The Yard ability is only available in the Yard mode. Below are all the abilities that can be unlocked for a QB.

  • X-Factors (unlocked at LVL 2): Bazooka, Run & Gun, Truzz 
  • Abilities 1 (unlocked at LVL 5): Sideline Deadeye, Inside Deadeye, Red Zone Deadeye 
  • Abilities 2 (unlocked at LVL 10): Pass Lead Elite, Gift-wrapped, Gunslinger 
  • Abilities 3 (unlocked at LVL 15): Speed, Strength, Throw Power (+5 points) 
  • The Yard (unlocked at LVL 20): Coverage, Catching, Press (increases ratings to 84) 
  • 99 Club (unlocked at LVL 30): Deep Throw Accuracy, Short Throw Accuracy, Medium Throw Accuracy (+4 points) 

To learn more about what all the X-Factor and Superstar abilities do in our guide.

Below are the best abilities that you should equip for the best quarterback build.

X-Factor: Run & Gun

Run & Gun grants perfect passing on the run. This X-Factor is great to give a conventional QB to increase playmaking ability due to not being exceptional at any categories.  

Ability 1: Redzone Deadeye

Redzone Deadeye gives your quarterback perfect pass accuracy while throwing in the Redzone. Capitalizing on Redzone opportunities will be key as this build type isn’t going to take many shots downfield or race anyone to the pylon.  

Ability 2: Gift-Wrapped

Gift-Wrapped is great for a conventional build as it gives the player a higher chance to complete passes to uncovered targets. You need to exploit plays when the defense makes a mistake.  

Ability 3: Throw Power

Throw Power increases your player’s Throw Power rating by five points. This will push the max rating to 98 for a balanced physique.  

The Yard: Catching

The Catching rating boost is ideal for a Balanced Physique. The speed and power of the build are complementary when lined up as a receiver or defensive back. 

99 Club: Medium Throw Accuracy

Medium Throw Accuracy is increased by four points. The conventional build is set up to take advantage of man coverage and find seams in zone coverage. This is the best ability for this type as intermediate passing is the strength of the build.  

Below, you will find the best combination of abilities depending on your type of quarterback.

Pocket passer abilities

These are the best abilities to select if your play style is more of a pocket passer. 

X-Factor: Bazooka

Bazooka increases max throwing distance by 15+ yards. Pocket passers make plays with their arms rather than their legs. This will make up for the lack of mobility.  

Abilities 1: Inside Deadeye 

Inside Deadeye grants perfect pass accuracy on throws inside the numbers. Pocket passers tend to survey the entire field and like to dump off the ball to tight ends or running backs when their outside reads are not open.  

Abilities 2: Gunslinger 

Gunslinger increases velocity and speeds up throwing animations on bullet passes. When you are in trouble and can’t escape on foot, getting the ball out fast may be the only way to save a sack 

Abilities 3: Strength 

Strength increases by five points, which helps your quarterback break tackles in the backfield as well as slightly increase throwing power.  

The Yard: Press 

The Press ratings boost is ideal for a Pocket Passer. The Bruiser Physique grants a strength advantage in The Yard when lined up as a defensive back or linebacker.  

99 Club: Deep Throw Accuracy 

Deep Throw accuracy increased by four points. A true pocket passer primarily moves the ball downfield by throwing deep instead of waiting for plays to break down.  

Running QB abilities 

These are the best abilities to select if your play style is more of a running quarterback. 

X-Factor: Truzz 

Truzz prevents fumbles as a result of a tackle. Running quarterback are notorious for fumbling when hit on runs. This is a no-brainer for this build.  

Abilities 1: Sideline Deadeye 

Sideline Deadeye grants perfect pass accuracy on throws outside the numbers. Running QBs most times will scramble laterally, which makes inside passes cross-body and less accurate. They tend to look downfield and near the sidelines for an open receiver.  

Abilities 2: Pass Lead Elite 

Pass Lead Elite increases throw power when leading bullet passes. Scrambling in the backfield can lead to less accuracy and throws behind the receiver. This ability will give you the extra little zip you need to place the ball in a receiver’s hands.  

Abilities 3: Speed rating 

Speed rating increased by five points. A running quarterback’s best talent outside of passing is speed.  

The Yard: Coverage 

The Coverage ratings boost compliments a running quarterback’s agile physique. The speed and elusiveness advantages make this build great in coverage in The Yard. The Yard a fast paced game mode so having a player to keep up is vital.  

99 Club: Short Throw Accuracy 

Short Throw accuracy is increased by four points. When plays break down, a scrambling quarterback is looking downfield, but the underneath passes are the life savers when all else fails. This is a great addition to this build to extend drives.  

Conventional quarterbacks are the box that most current quarterbacks fall into. Pocket passers used to be considered the conventional, but mobility has started pushing them out of the league. Running quarterbacks are more and more popular, but it still holds true that they have shorter careers and if they don’t have a great arm, they don’t usually take a franchise far. A conventional build is the easiest to learn to play the positions. Try different combinations of skills, abilities, and perks as you go through the season to tailor your quarterback to your play style.  

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