Ninjala Ninja Gum: What is it and How to Use it

Where does the Ninja Gum come from, and how does it work in Ninjala?

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Ninja Gum is the core feature of the Ninjala gameplay. Using Ninja Gum allows you to create weapons and perform special moves, while upgrading the gum through S-Energy makes you even more powerful.

While its effect does differ between the gum, and subsequent weapon, of choice, your options and the controls to use the gum are the same across all Ninjala characters and customisations.

Here’s everything that you need to know about Ninja Gum in Ninjala.

Where does Ninja Gum come from?

Through the World Ninja Association, the descendants of ancient ninja came together to uncover how they could unlock any potential ninja abilities passed down from their great ancestors.

After much research and study, they eventually stumbled upon Ninja Gum, which, when consumed, would bind with ninja DNA and allow the user to synthesise powerful weapons.

However, when Berecca, Burton, and Ron finally crack the formula required to create some Ninja Gum, they discover an adverse effect: eating Ninja Gum reverts the user to a childlike form.

Ninja Gum allows descendants of the legendary ninja to tap into the skills and abilities of their ancestors, as well as create ninja weaponry, making it core to the Ninjala gameplay.

How to use Ninja Gum in Ninjala?

Ninja Gum can be actively used to blow bubbles, shoot, and craft weapons. It also facilitates your abilities and Ninjutsu move.

Directly using Ninja Gum involves you blowing a gum bubble and then using it to block, craft, or fire. These are the Ninja Gum controls in Ninjala.

Blow Gum BubbleZL (hold)Press and hold ZL to blow a gum bubble. Holding the Gum Bubble acts as a defensive block.
Gum ShootZL (hold), ZROnce you’ve blown the Gum Bubble, fire it across the map or at an enemy by pressing ZR.
Craft a WeaponZL (hold), AOnce you’ve blown the Gum Bubble, press A to craft it into a weapon. 

Many of your other moves are facilitated by your character eating Ninja Gum but do not require you to blow a Gum Bubble.

The Gum Shoot is certainly a Ninja Gum move that you’ll want to keep in mind. Hitting an opposing ninja with a Gum Shoot will bind them in gum, giving you a window to score an Ippon.

Which weapon you craft from Ninja Gum is dependent on which type of Ninja Gum you eat. For example, eating SK8 Gum allows you to craft the SK8 Hammer.

These Ninjala controls allow you to utilise Ninja Gum for specialised abilities.

Gum MorphingAPress A to disguise yourself as an inanimate object.
AbilityYDifferent for each weapon used. Usually a faster, more powerful move than a regular attack.
Gum NinjutsuXAt the bottom right of the screen, your Ninjutsu metre fills throughout the match. The special and powerful Gum Ninjutsu move differs per weapon.
Gum BoostZL (hold), B (in midair)To perform a Gum Boost, blow a Gum Bubble, and then, when in midair, press B. Performing a Gum Boost costs three units of S-Energy.

Your Ability, Gum Shoot, and Gum Ninjutsu differ depending on which Ninja Gum and its weapon that you choose.

For example, the Gum Ninjutsu for the Ippon Katana unleashes a gum tornado, while the Gum Ninjutsu for the Ninja Yo-yo sees the user fire a beam of gum.

The importance of S-Energy to Ninja Gum

Destroying Drones to accumulate S-Energy is integral to the gameplay of Ninjala, with more S-Energy making you a more powerful ninja.

It’s a simple loop: destroy a Drone, get more S-Energy, use bigger and more powerful Ninja Gum abilities and weapons.

The amount of S-Energy that you can hold – indicated by the segmented gauge under your character’s health bar – directly impacts the size of the Gum Bubble that you can blow.

The larger the Gum Bubble, the larger the weapons it can craft. Furthermore, being able to blow huge Gum Bubbles means that you can also unleash more potent abilities and Ninjutsu moves.

Having a big Gum Bubble also means that you can defend yourself against more strikes before the bubble bursts.

Here’s how the amount of S-Energy that you can store affects your Ninja Gum skills and abilities.

  • 4 Bars of S-Energy: Ninjutsu will be weak, moves will be slow, gum bubbles will be small, and weapons will be at their least powerful.
  • 6 Bars of S-Energy: Abilities improve, and the gum bubbles increase in size.
  • 8 Bars of S-Energy: Make massive gum bubbles, big weapons, and you can unleash the most potent forms of your abilities and Ninjutsu moves.  

While the Ninja Gum eaten at the beginning unlocks incredible abilities and powers, for a ninja to reach their true might, they must destroy Drones to increase their S-Energy cap.

It should also be noted that abilities and Ninjutsu moves cost S-Energy to use. So, having a higher amount of S-Energy stored will allow you to perform more of your increasingly powerful moves.

Ninja Gum drives just about everything in Ninjala, with the different kinds of Ninja Gum available offering new weapons and abilities for you to try.

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