F1 22 Game: Controls Guide for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Racing Wheel

Codemasters’ latest official Formula One racing game has arrived; here are the F1 22 controls that you’ll need to know to compete on the track.

F1 22 Game: Controls Guide for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Racing Wheel guide

Getting to grips with F1 22 early on is, of course, going to help you out massively, and with a game that reflects a sport as complex as Formula One, learning all of the controls is essential.

For long-time F1 game players, you’ll find that the controls haven’t changed much, if at all, over the last few games.

Still, for those new to the game, here are all of the F1 22 controls for each platform and for anyone using a racing wheel to help you literally get up to speed.

F1 22 Controls for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Series X|S

F1 22 complete full list of controls for pc, console, ps4, ps5, xbox one, xbox series xs, and racing wheel

F1 22 PC Controls

  • Accelerate: A
  • Brake: Z
  • Reverse: Z
  • Steer Left: ,
  • Steer Right: .
  • Pause: Esc
  • Gear Up: Space
  • Gear Down: Shift
  • Clutch: Space
  • Next Camera: C
  • Look Forward: Home
  • Look Back: End
  • Look Left: Delete
  • Look Right: PgDn
  • Replay/Flashback: X
  • DRS: F
  • Pit Limiter: F
  • Radio Commands: T
  • Multi-Function Display: Num. 0
  • MD Menu Up: Up Arrow
  • MFD Menu Down: Down Arrow
  • MFD Menu Right: Right Arrow
  • MFD Menu Left: Left Arrow
  • Push to Talk: S
  • Overtake: M

F1 22 PlayStation (PS4/PS5) Controls

  • Accelerate: R2
  • Brake: L2
  • Reverse: L2
  • Steer Left: Left Stick
  • Steer Right: Left Stick
  • Pause: Options
  • Gear Up: X
  • Gear Down: Square
  • Clutch: X
  • Next Camera: R1
  • Camera Free Look: Right Stick
  • Look Back: R3
  • Replay/Flashback: Touch Pad
  • DRS: Triangle
  • Pit Limiter: Triangle
  • Radio Commands: L1
  • Multi-Function Display: D-Pad
  • MD Menu Up: Up
  • MFD Menu Down: Down
  • MFD Menu Right: Right
  • MFD Menu Left: Left
  • Push to Talk: D-Pad
  • Overtake: Circle

F1 22 Xbox (Xbox One & Series X|S) Controls

  • Accelerate: RT
  • Brake: LT
  • Reverse: LT
  • Steer Left: Left Stick
  • Steer Right: Left Stick
  • Pause: Menu
  • Gear Up: A
  • Gear Down: X
  • Clutch: A
  • Next Camera: RB
  • Camera Free Look: Right Stick
  • Look Back: R3
  • Replay/Flashback: View
  • DRS: Y
  • Pit Limiter: Y
  • Radio Commands: LB
  • Multi-Function Display: D-Pad
  • MD Menu Up: Up
  • MFD Menu Down: Down
  • MFD Menu Right: Right
  • MFD Menu Left: Left
  • Push to Talk: D-Pad
  • Overtake: B

F1 22 racing wheel controls and button mapping

In the table below, you’ll find all of the default controls for using a racing wheel with F1 22 on any platform, as well as the optimal mapped controls to suit both PlayStation and Xbox configurations.

  • Turn Left/Right: Wheel Axis (x-axis)
  • Braking: Left Brake Pedal (middle if you have clutch pedal set)
  • Throttle: Right Throttle Pedal
  • Clutch For Race Start: Hold Gear Up Lever, Release When Lights Out
  • DRS Open: L2/LT
  • Pit Limiter: L2/LT
  • Gear Up: Right Gear Paddle
  • Gear Down: Left Gear Paddle
  • Clutch In/Out: Right Gear Paddle
  • Deploy Overtake: X/A
  • Change Camera: R3
  • Rear View: R2/RT
  • Select Multi-Function Display: O/B
  • Multi-Function Display (MFD) Cycling: D-Pad On Wheel
  • Select Team Radio: Square/X

You can configure the wheel to suit what you think will be the best button mapping, so for controls like DRS, overtake, and the pit limiter, you can set different buttons.

How to remap the F1 22 controls

To remap you F1 22 controls, before heading onto the track, go to the Options menu from the F1 22 main menu, select Settings, and then go to the ‘Controls, Vibration and Force Feedback’ page.

After that, select the controller or wheel that you’re using and then ‘Edit Mappings.’ Here, you can remap the buttons of your F1 22 controls.

To do this, hover over which button you want to change, press the appropriate select button (Enter, X, or A), and then press your new mapping before saving the custom controls.

How to navigate the menu on PC and with a racing wheel

For PC players, there is sadly isn’t any mouse support again for the game. So, to cycle through the menus, you will need to use the Arrow Keys to select a page, Enter to proceed, Esc to go back, and F5 or F6 to cycle between sections.

If using a racing wheel to navigate the F1 22 menu, use the trigger buttons to move across the pages, pressing either X/A to select and proceed or Square/X to go back to where you were. The game will always show what buttons you need to press at the top of the main menu.

How do you save the game

Each F1 22 session – be it practice, qualifying – it will save automatically upon completion or just before the start of the next session.

So, if you finish qualifying, the game will save before you exit to the main menu. Likewise, if you finish qualifying but proceed to the race and then decide to exit, the game will save prior to loading the race, taking you straight to the intro for the race should you quit before finishing.

Mid-session saves are also a feature whereby you can save the game halfway through a race, qualifying, or practice session. To do this, pause the game and cycle down to ‘Mid-Session Save’ to save the game, after which you can carry on or exit.

How do you make a pit stop

In F1 22, pit stops come with two options. You can change between “immersive” and “broadcast” within the gameplay settings section from the main options page. Immersive will see you control the pitstop yourself, while broadcast presents it as if it is on TV and you just sit back and watch.

If you’re set to perform a pit stop manually, you’ll need to:

  • Drive your car down the pit lane;
  • Brake to meet the speed limit for the pit lane as late as possible to activate the Pit Limiter;
  • Activate the Pit Limiter (F/Triangle/Y);
  • The game will carry your car to the pit box;
  • Hold the Clutch button (Space/X/A) to rev the engine while the tyres get changed;
  • When the light turns green, release the Clutch button;
  • As you exit the pit lane, press the Pit Limiter button (F/Triangle/Y) and Accelerate (A/R2/RT) away.

With the immersive option, you enter the pits as normal, break for the pit entry, and hit the pit limiter. As you get close to your pit box, you will be prompted to press a button. Pressing this as close to the countdown running out as possible will give you the quickest possible pit stop. If you press too slow,  you will have a bad stop. Once you are in the box, hold in your clutch, rev the engine, and then let go once the stop is done as you would in the last few F1 games

For those who have pit stops set to automatic, simply drive into the pit lane entry and then the game will take you into the pits, sort out your pit stop, and get you back onto the track automatically. You won’t need to take over until your car is back on the race track.

How to change your fuel mix

Your fuel mix is locked in standard during a race, but you can change it under safety car or in a pitstop. Simply press the MFD button, and where it says fuel mix, press the mapped button to flick it into lean mixture. Lean and standard are the only mixtures available.

How to use ERS

ERS is controlled automatically in F1 22 except for when you want to overtake someone for more power. Simply press the M/Circle/B button to overtake, and you will have extra power down the section of track you are on.

How to serve a drive through penalty in F1 22

Serving a drive through penalty is easy. When issued with it, you will have three laps in which to serve it. Simply enter the pitlane when you wish to serve it, and the game will handle the rest.

How to use DRS

To use DRS, simply press the calibrated button (F/Triangle/Y) of your choosing when you are within a second of the car in front after three laps of the race in the DRS zone. You can also simply press the button for each lap you are on when in the zone during practice and qualifying.

Now that you know the F1 22 controls on PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and when using a racing wheel, all that you need is the best track setup.

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