Ghost of Tsushima: Track Jinroku, The Other Side of Honour Guide

Need some quick help with the side quest ‘The Other Side of Honour’ and finding Jinroku?

As you explore the vast open map of Ghost of Tsushima, you’ll find yourself stumbling across side quests, known as the Tales of Tsushima, either by finding the areas yourself or by following the hearsay of peasants that you save.

Once you commence the side mission ‘The Other Side of Honour,’ you may find yourself frustrated with the task ‘Track Jinroku.’

Here’s how to unlock the mission and then find the man claiming to be a samurai.

How to find The Other Side of Honour mission

You can either wait for a peasant to tell you that another samurai is living on a farm in the area, or you can just go to the mission area yourself.

As you can see on the map above, it’s to the west of the island, south of Yagata Forest, and can found by following the roads.

For completing The Other Side of Honour, you get your hands on a Minor Stealth Charm, ten pieces of Linen, and a minor increase to your Legend.

How to Track Jinroku in Ghost of Tsushima

After finding the mission and getting it started by speaking to the women of the farm, you’ll soon investigate the legitimacy of the man claiming to be a samurai.

Eventually, you’ll want to speak to Jinroku, but you’re told that he’s left the farm, commencing the ‘Track Jinroku’ task.

You need to leave the house from the front doors (not the doors that you leave the house from to take a bath) to locate the first set of footprints, as you can see below.

Follow the footprints alongside the vegetables growing beside the path.

The footprints will lead you out of the farm and towards the overlooking hill where the boarded path runs.

Follow the path behind the large rock and up the hill until you have found Jinroku – at which point you’ll need to chase him down.

So, that’s how to Track Jinroku and find Jinroku for the mission The Other Side of Honour in Ghost of Tsushima

It’s not the trickiest mission in the game, but if you leave by the wrong doors of the house, you could end up searching the whole farm area for far too long as the game doesn’t try to help you at all – bar a few prompts that you’re leaving the mission area.

There’s a little more to The Other Side of Honour after you find Jinroku, but we shan’t spoil that here.  

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