Ninjala: All Weapons and Weapon Classes Guide

Learn about all the Ninjala weapons and weapon classes in our guide.

In the Nintendo Switch exclusive Ninjala, the Ninja Gum that you eat and the subsequent weapon that you can craft will significantly impact your gameplay.

All Ninjala characters can chew Ninja Gum that either gives them a katana, a hammer, or a yo-yo. Each weapon class is disposed to certain traits which will affect how you go about battling other ninjas.

Here, you’ll find a list of all the weapons in Ninjala (being updated as more are revealed), as well as information about the weapon classes under the list.

It has been revealed that Ninjala will launch with 12 weapon types across the three classes of katana, hammer, and yo-yo. More weapons will be added over time.

Ninjala Weapons List

Discover all of the weapons revealed for Ninjala in the table below along with some basic information.

For more details on each weapon, the abilities it grants, and its power, click the links.

Weapon Class Adjust Parameters Icon
Ippon Katana Katana 300 / 100
SK8 Hammer Hammer 330 / 95
Drill Beast Katana 300 / 100
Trick Ball Yo-yo 255 / 104
Ninja Yo-yo Yo-yo 255 / 104  
Scroll Blade Katana 300 / 100
Drum Beat Hammer 360 / 90
Iron Noise Hammer 360 / 90
Sushi Axe Hammer 330 / 95
Corn Bat Katana 300 / 100
Shinobi Spinner Yo-yo 255 / 104
Mellow à la Mode Yo-yo 255 / 104

Ninjala Weapon Classes

Each kind of Ninja Gum unlocks a different weapon that you can synthesise, but each weapon falls under a particular weapon class.

As it stands (with updates coming to this article if more are revealed), there are three weapon classes in Ninjala.


Weapons in the katana class of Ninjala tend to have a short handle and an extended baton area, which is used to swing at opponents.

Each kind of katana comes with different aesthetics, but for the most part, they don’t differ too far from the one-handed, long melee weapon form.

Ninjala’s katana weapons allow the user to be mobile, deal swift melee attacks, and, if needed, escape fairly quickly.

While not the most powerful melee weapon class, katana weapons are well-rounded in terms of agility offered and strength.


Weapons in the hammer class feature a long handle, a smaller strike zone, and are used by swinging the weapon at opponents.

The Ninjala weapons in the hammer class will feature different appearances, but overall, they mostly adhere to a general standard form.

Hammers are two-handed weapons, and while they are tremendously powerful, the increase in power is at the cost of speed.

So, when using hammers, ninjas must take into consideration that their attacks will be slower.

That said, if they land, they tend to deal a lot more damage than the one-handed melee weapons in the katana weapon class.


Where the katana and hammer weapon classes of Ninjala focus on melee attacks, the yo-yo weapon class offers a ranged style of play.

All yo-yo weapons in Ninjala look a little different and can do some different things, but overall, they’re circular weapons attached to the ninja by a string.

When you use a yo-yo, you’ll see the string unfurl to give your attacks some extra range.

The range not only means that you can attack opponents first from further away, but it can also mean that you are a step ahead should you decide to turn and flee.

When Ninjala weapons and classes come to light, this article will be updated further.

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