WWE 2K22: Complete Hell in a Cell Match Controls and Tips (How to Escape the Hell in the Cell and Win)

Here are your complete controls for Hell in a Cell matches in WWE 2K22 and tips to win the match.

Introduced in the feud between The Undertaker and Shawn Michaels that was also used to debut Kane, Hell in a Cell has become a staple gimmick match in WWE, with many memorable matches in the convening 25 years or so since its inception. Once a signature match (of a few) for The Undertaker, it evolved to have its own pay-per-view, Hell in a Cell.

The match is playable in WWE 2K22, as well as the Hell in a Cell 2020 arena. The Cell that is used is the large red one made notorious from Seth Rollins’ match against The Fiend where the latter’s red light that overlaid his matches made it difficult to discern the action in the ring. The good news is your vision isn’t obstructed like it was during that match!

Read below for your Hell in a Cell match controls. Gameplay tips for the match will follow.

WWE 2K22 Hell in a Cell controls

Action PS4 / PS5 Controls Xbox One / Series X|S Controls
Cell Grapple (when near Cell) Circle + Light or Heavy Grapple Attack B + Light of Heavy Grapple Attack
Cell Finisher (when near Cell corner or on top of Cell) R2 + X RT + A
Climb Cell (when outside the Cell) R1 RB

Below you will find more details on the controls. Tips will be interspersed so you can have your own five-star classics.

How to escape Hell in a Cell in WWE 2K22

To escape the Hell in a Cell in WWE 2K22 press RB/R1 near the hole to exit the cage after your opponent has taken enough damage.

To use the Cell as a weapon, initiate a grapple on the outside of the ring. You will then use a grapple attack specific to this match that utilizes the Cell to add extra damage to your opponent. Aside from the corners with the steel steps, you can also Irish Whip your opponent into the Cell. Be forewarned that navigating around the ring in these matches can be frustrating.

To break the Cell Wall and make your way outside, do the above to the sections at the corners of the Cell. After enough damage, the panel will break and you make your way outside by pressing R1 or RB near the hole. If you have a finisher stored and the panel hasn’t broken, you can land a Cell finisher to bust through.

Also, unlike the steel cage match, because you can exit the ring, you can grab all of the items available under the ring. Exit the ring and press L1 near the center of the apron. From there, select the weapon you want with the right stick and confirm with X or A.

How to climb the Cell in WWE 2K22

First, you’ll need to break the panel so you can make it outside of the Cell. To climb the Hell in the Cell in WWE 2K22 press R1 or RB when next to the Cell. Halfway up, you will either need to press the same to continue, drop down, or launch yourself off for an attack.

How to throw an opponent off the Cell in WWE 2K22

Bianca Belair using a Cell finisher to military press slam Ember Moon off of the Cell and to the floor!

Once you reach the top, your character will automatically (struggle) to the roof of the Cell. If battling a CPU, they’ll follow and sometimes climb up before you.

Battle up here if you wish, with every impact doing more damage because of the grating of the Cell. If you really want to have a memorable match, use a finisher along the edge of the roof to send your opponent flying down to the ground. It’s brutal, but it’s extra effective.

Of course, the only issue is that Hell in a Cell matches still need the finish to happen inside the ring. At least this way, your opponent will be so damaged that winning the match back in the ring should be fairly easy.

How to put an opponent through the roof of Hell in a Cell in WWE 2K22

To put an opponent through the roof of the Hell in a Cell use your finisher on the center panels of the roof. The roof panel should give way, particularly if a finisher is used.

Hell in a Cell may be your ticket to a five-star match

Razor Ramon landing a signature Chokeslam to Kushida in a Cell match. Note the view.

More than any other match in WWE 2K22, Hell in a Cell may be the one where it’s quickest to gain a five-star match rating. With the ability to use and destroy panels of the Cell, grab all of the weapons you want, and importantly, use a Cell finisher from the roof all add “Memorable Moment” boosts to your rating.

Using the Cell and weapons also builds your signature and finishers meter more quickly. Landing a signature automatically fills your finisher meter, and landing signatures and finishers adds boosts each time even if the move are repeats. Look for “Signature Touch,” for example, after landing a signature.

Belair landing her K.O.D. finisher to Moon back in the ring to win the match emphatically.

The biggest boost to your match rating undoubtedly is by landing a Cell finisher from the top of the Cell. Depending on the rating of your match at the time, it may even rise a full bar after landing one. While it strains reality a bit, at least it’s a video game and no one is actually harmed!

If you’re having issues popping the Fit for a Prince trophy and achievement for having a five-star match, try a Hell in a Cell match.

Now you know what it takes to win Hell in a Cell and have a five-star match. Will you relive some historical matches or fantasy book your own desired Hell in a Cell match?

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