WWE 2K22: Complete Ladder Match Controls and Tips (How to Win Ladder Matches)

Here are your complete controls for ladder matches in WWE 2K22 and tips for winning.

WWE 2K22: Complete Ladder Match Controls and Tips (How to Win Ladder Matches) guide

Thanks to the set of ladder matches between Razor Ramon and Shawn Michaels in 1994 and 1995, the match has become one of the more anticipated and memorable matches in WWE. It, along with the tables match, spawned another gimmick match in the tables, ladders, & chairs match. The ladder match became so popular that it became the basis for its own pay-per-view with Money in the Bank.

In WWE 2K22, ladder matches can be played in a variety of scenarios (singles, tag team, etc.). The default setting will be the Money in the Bank briefcase, only changed if the match is designated a title match. Read below for your complete ladder match controls and tips for success when playing these matches.

All ladder match controls in WWE 2K22

Action PS4 & PS5 Controls Xbox One & Series X|S Controls
Grab Ladder (when next to ladder) L1 LB
Place Ladder L1 or X LB or A
Lean Ladder (when near the corner and prompted) X A
Climb Ladder (when at foot of ladder) R1 RB
Reach for Object (at top of ladder when prompted) L1 LB
Mini-Game (after grabbing object) R2 + R RT + R
Light and Heavy Attacks Square and X X and A
Ladder Finisher (when prompted) R2 + X RT + A
Ladder Bridge (when near apron on outside) R2 + L1 RT + LB

Read below for expanded details on the above controls as well as tips.

How to win a ladder match in WWE 2K22

WWE 2K22 win a ladder match

To win a ladder match, you must retrieve the item hanging above the ring by setting up a ladder in the ring and climbing it to reach the object.

Step 1: First, head outside and press L1 or LB next to a ladder to pick it up. It’s quickest to slide it back in the ring holding L2 or LT and the analog stick as if you’re running.

Step 2: Pick up the ladder again and, when you find a suitable location, hit X or A to set the ladder. To climb the ladder, hit R1 or RB at the base of the ladder.

Step 3: Once you reach the top of the ladder, hit L1 or LB when prompted to reach for the item to begin the mini-game.

Step 4: Unlike the other button mashing mini-game, in this one, you must hit R2 to shoot a ball through a gap eight times. The barrier rotates and you can move the green ball with the right stick. If you miss, the barrier opening will switch to the opposite side. Every time you make a shot, one of the eight bars will be highlighted green. The eighth one means you win the match.

If your opponent is up there, you can attack them with strikes a few times either from the ladder or the mat before they fall. Being hit with a strike also messes with the mini-game. You can also climb the other side and use light of heavy attacks. If you have one stored, you can perform a ladder finisher with R2 + X or RT + A. A suplex ladder finisher sent an opponent clear out of the ring during play.

How to climb the ladder in WWE 2K22

To climb a ladder in WWE 2K22, press R1 on PlayStation or RB on Xbox after you have set up the ladder (L1 or X / LB or A).

How to set up a ladder bridge in WWE 2K22

To set up a ladder bridge in WWE 2K22, head outside and when near the center of the apron, you’ll be prompted to make a bridge with R2 + L1 or RT + LB. You are impervious to damage while making the bridge.

How to put someone through a ladder bridge in WWE 2K22

To put someone through the ladder bridge, drag or carry your opponent to the bridge and grapple your opponent for a ladder bridge move. If carrying, you’ll deposit them laying on top of the bridge. If dragging, they’ll lean against it like the ropes in the ring. This will give a big boost to match rating.

If an aerial assault is more your thing, then hit up on the right stick to place your leaning opponent on top of the bridge. Quickly reenter the ring and climb either near turnbuckle. Perform a dive to put your opponent through the bridge.

An interesting note is that if they move and you hit the ladder, it does not break. It seems to only break when someone is hit with a dive.

How to use the ladder as a weapon in WWE 2K22

To use a ladder as a weapon, hit Square or X to attack with the ladder. It’s range is basically just in front of you as the ladder is carried vertically rather than horizontally.

Only make the climb after heavily damaging your opponent

WWE 2K22 make the climb after heavily damaging your opponent
Landing Shirai’s Moonsault finisher (“Over the Moonsault” in real life) before making the climb to victory.

You will most likely need to make multiple trips up the ladder because of the mini-game. It’s there to add some drama to the match, but it is cumbersome. Because of this, it’s best to make the climb only after damaging your opponent heavily, putting them in a stunned state, or hitting a signature or finisher. Doing all three simultaneously is the way to go.

Especially if your opponent is in a stunned state, send them outside with a Strong Irish Whip to give yourself even more time.

The best strategy is probably to have the ladder set in the ring for quick climbing, damage your opponent on the outside (using weapons if necessary), and landing a signature immediately followed by a finisher. Then, with the extra damage from taking the impact on the outside, you should have plenty of time to hit all eight spots and win the match.

Best Superstars to use for ladder matches

Unlike in real life, it doesn’t matter too much who you choose. Safe bets would be to use everyone but Giant archetypes. However, you can just as easily win with a super heavyweight Giant like Keith Lee as you would with a Cruiserweight like Rey Mysterio.

Super heavyweights might be recommended because of most other wrestlers being unable to grapple them unless damaged heavily already, let alone lift and throw them.

Now you know what it takes to win a ladder match in WWE 2K22. The mini-game may frustrate you, but just remember to climb after landing a finisher…or two.

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