WWE 2K22: Complete Steel Cage Match Controls and Tips

Here are your complete controls for steel cage matches in WWE 2K22 and tips on winning the gimmick match.

Professional wrestling, itself a gimmick, has long had gimmick matches. One of the more historical ones is the steel cage match, playable in WWE 2K22. From its early days with the big blue cage to the more modern looking cage, there have been many memorable steel cage matches in the history of WWF and WWE. Now, you can fantasy book your own five-star steel cage match classic.

Below, you will find the controls for steel cage matches in WWE 2K22. Gameplay tips will follow on how you can easily win and navigate the steel cage match.

WWE 2K22 Steel Cage controls

Action PS4 / PS5 Controls Xbox One / Series X|S Controls
Climb Cage R1 + R1 (mini-game to escape) RB + RB (mini-game to escape)
Cage Attack Square (near cage) Y (near cage)
Call for Cage Door L1 (near door), R1 (to exit) LB (near door), RB (to exit)

The following will expand on the controls and intersperse tips throughout.

How to use the steel cage as a weapon in WWE 2K22

To use the steel cage as a weapon you can either drag or carry your opponent near the ropes, but not to the ropes, and hit Square or Y. You will most likely toss them into the cage somehow. You can also use a Strong Irish Whip to send your opponent into the cage back-first.

Using a Cage Attack or a Strong Irish Whip will increase the damage from your attack. This is a great way to quickly whittle down both your opponent’s overall and limb health.

How to climb and escape the steel cage match in WWE 2K22

To climb the steel cage, press R1 or RB when you are next to the cage. You will then hit the top rope. From there, hit R1 or RB again to engage the escape mini-game. This mini-game is just like the button mashing submission and Royal Rumble mini-games, but the difference is you’re not against anyone else. Press the buttons rapidly as they appear and if you fill the meter, you’ll straddle the top of the cage. From there, hit R1 or RB to escape.

One interesting note is that for super heavyweights who many not go to the top turnbuckle, the first part of the cage climb will put them on the top rope! This means you can land a top rope diving attack with a super heavyweight when they normally wouldn’t be in that position. Top rope attacks do great damage and give you a “Memorable Moments” boost to match rating.

Also, remember that unless the setting is set to only win by escape, you can win by pin or submission. Sometimes, the tried-and-true method is the quickest way to victory.

How to escape through the door in a steel cage match

To escape through the door, hit L1 or LB to call for the door. The ref will open the door, and you must then hit R1 or RB to escape. If you don’t or turn around, the ref will close and lock the door.

While this is the easiest way out of the cage, there is one important aspect to keep in mind. No matter how healthy or damaged you are, your wrestler will always take their time through the door. This is to theoretically sell the grueling nature of the match, but it can be frustrating when you see your opponent making their to you as you’re just about to hit the ground. At least there’s no mini-game!

Note that calling for the door is only available if the setting is turned on. Otherwise, you’re out of luck.

How to best ensure your chances of escape

Simply put, heavily damage your opponent(s) and land a finisher before attempting your escape. Even better, land a signature and a finisher in succession to really lay out your opponent. This will ensure they stay on the mat for as long as possible as you seek your escape. Signatures and finishers also add some more of those “Memorable Moment” match boosts.

You may be able to escape without needing to land any signatures or finishers if you damage the opponent enough that they enter the stunned state. If you see this, run up to the cage or the door and begin your escape.

Since you can’t grab any weapons, use the cage liberally to impact your opponent. Land heavy attacks and heavy grapple attacks to more quickly build up limb damage and their stun meter. Whatever the case, the more damage you inflict, the better your chances to escape.

Again, if turned on, you can also win by traditional pin and submission.

Now you know the ins-and-outs of steel cage matches in WWE 2K22. Will you use the match to just punish your opponent before beating them, or will you make things more challenging with only escapes?

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