WWE 2K22: Complete Royal Rumble Match Controls and Tips (How to Eliminate Opponents and Win)

Here are your complete controls for the Royal Rumble match in WWE 2K22 and tips to survive and win the grueling match.

One of the “Big Four” pay-per-views for WWF and WWE, the Royal Rumble is named for the gimmick of all gimmick matches and one that many fans hold dear, the Royal Rumble match. Whether it’s Ric Flair’s legendary 1992 performance, Shawn Michaels entering and winning as the first entrant in 1995, Steve Austin winning three in a five-year span, Vince McMahon tearing both of his quadriceps during the botched ending of the 2005 match, the first women’s Rumble match in 2018, or the maligned 2022 edition, the Royal Rumble matches always leave fans with moments to discuss, even if negative discussions as is the case with both 2022 matches.

Luckily for you, you can book your own Royal Rumble match in WWE 2K22.

All WWE 2K22 Royal Rumble controls for Xbox and PlayStation

We’ve included the carry, Irish whip and drag opponent controls as this is a great way to eliminate opponents.

Action PS4 / PS5 Controls Xbox One / Series X|S Controls
Engage Rumble Mini-Game Circle (against ropes) B (against ropes)
Rumble Finisher (when prompted) R2 + X RT + A
Initiate Carry  R1 + L Stick RB + L Stick
Powerbomb Position (carry) R1 + L Stick Up RB + L Stick Up
Cradle Position (carry) R1 + L Stick Down RB + L Stick Down
Fireman’s Carry R1 + L Stick Left RB + L Stick Left
Shoulder Carry R1 + L Stick Right RB + L Stick Right
Change Carry Position Right stick Left stick
Strong Irish Whip Hold Circle (after a grapple) Hold B (after a grapple)
Drag opponents to rope L1 LB

Read below for expanded controls details and tips on surviving what is a rather challenging match in WWE 2K22 – as it is in reality.

How to win the Royal Rumble match in MyRise in WWE 2K22

You have to work your way to first, make one of the main shows. Once you’re there, you must then work your way up again to qualify for the match. Remember that certain actions you take throughout – like social media, discussions, and alignment choices – will affect your rise.

Once you qualify for and enter the Rumble match, you have to survive and win. How? The tips below will help you for both MyRise and general play.

How to eliminate wrestlers and throw them over the top rope in WWE 2K22’s Royal Rumble match

The explainer on the Rumble match elimination mini-game.

There are several ways to eliminate wrestlers in a Royal Rumble match. One way is to toss them over the top and onto the apron, then hit an attack – a running attack is even better, to send them off of the apron. Another way to eliminate wrestlers in a Royal Rumble match involves dragging or carrying your opponent to the ropes and hitting Square or X to engage the button mashing mini-game.

You can also hit a running clothesline on an opponent who is near the ropes or leaning against them. However, be careful of reversals as you’ll be sent to the outside and eliminated!

The other way is to land a Rumble finisher.

How to do a Rumble finisher in WWE 2K22’s Royal Rumble match

Landing Seth Rollin’s Rumble Finisher (Superkick) to eliminate X-Pac and win a 10-person Rumble match.

To do a Rumble finisher in WWE 2K22 you first need to build up your finisher meter and have at least one stored. Remember that hitting a signature (when prompted) will fill your finisher meter. It’s also best to target someone who’s health is either in the red or just about to hit the red.

Second, get your opponent against the ropes and then, when prompted, hit R2 + X or RT + A for a Rumble finisher. Depending on the wrestler, the finisher will be different (though there aren’t too many). Seth Rollins hits a Superkick as pictured, but Kane will hit a Chokeslam, for example.

If you’re prompted to hit a finisher during the match away from the ropes, you’ll hit whatever finisher you have set. If you’re using someone who only has finishers with unique parameters like from the tope rope or the apron, then you’ll have to go there to hit them. Be wary as you can be eliminated easily in these scenarios.

If you land a Rumble finisher, it’s an automatic elimination. Just hope that you aren’t reversed!

Avoid being near the ropes whenever possible!

Simply strike a wrestler dangling like this to eliminate them from the Rumble match.

One reason the match is so challenging is you can easily be clotheslined to the outside and eliminated, regardless of your health and damage. It can be rather annoying when you turn around into a clothesline just after eliminating someone else.

On the other hand, pay attention to who’s close to the ropes for some quick sneak attacks! The above also applies to the CPU: clothesline them to the outside. If a wrestler is on the apron, hit a running shoulder block to send them flying. If you see someone trying to eliminate another, go grapple them to assist in the elimination, making the bar fill quicker.

However, right after, go back to the center of the ring!

How to eliminate wrestlers quickly in WWE 2K22’s Royal Rumble match

The standard victory scene when winning the Rumble match in Play Now.

Aside from the aforementioned running clothesline, undoubtedly the quickest way to eliminate a wrestler is to land a Rumble finisher. However, that requires building up and storing at least one finisher, which takes time.

If you start the match, quickly attack your opponent and floor them. Pick them up, grapple them, and drag them to the ropes with L1 or LB. Lean them against the ropes, then try for a running clotheslines. Just be cautious that the more health they have, they quicker they’ll recover from the ropes and the more likely they’ll reverse you, eliminating you.

To be more safe, Strong Irish Whip (hold Circle or B after a grapple) and they’ll either land on the apron or hang from the top rope as the picture in the previous section. If they’re on the apron, hit a running attack. If they’re hanging, just hit an attack. If they don’t reverse, they’re gone. If they do reverse, it just sends you back into the ring, so at least you’re not eliminated.

If the wrestler is damaged enough, then Irish Whipping them close enough to the ropes – or with a Strong Irish Whip – will eliminate them.

How to change the Royal Rumble match settings

During the match creation screen, if you hit Triangle or Y, you’ll be brought to the match settings. From here, you can change everything from the order of entry, who’s entered, the difficulty, and more.

In Play Now, you have your choice between 10-person, 20-person, and 30-person Rumble matches. There is a trophy and achievement for winning a 30-person Rumble match as the first or second entrant (Maybe They Just Need A SNICKERS).

It will be difficult, but it can be done.

Best Superstars to use for the Royal Rumble match in WWE 2K22

Conventional and gaming wisdom says use Giant archetypes, with most (if not all) on the men’s side classified as a super heavyweight. Very few wrestlers in the game can even grapple you, let alone lift and toss you, without you first sustaining a good chunk of damage as a super heavyweight.

The only issue is that of the super heavyweights, most are either legends (like The Undertaker and Kane) or no longer in WWE (like Keith Lee and Braun Strowman).

Winning even a 10-person Royal Rumble match in WWE 2K22 can be challenging because of the easy way of being eliminated with the clothesline. However, using the tips above should help you in your quest to win the Rumble match. Will you enter as the first entrant or take the easy – some would say strategic – option of entering number 30?

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