Madden 22 Money Plays: Best Unstoppable Offensive & Defensive Plays to Use in MUT, Online, and Franchise Mode

Here are the best plays that you can use to either score TDs or shut down your opponent in Madden 22.

Madden 22 has plenty of money plays that players can exploit. Ever since its initial release, players have noticed different areas to exploit in both defenses and offenses.

With the game fully released, we can deliver you a definitive guide for the best Madden 22 money plays to use across its game modes.

Madden 22 Offensive Money Plays

1. Z Spot – Gun Bunch Offset

Playbooks with this play: Carolina Panthers, Cincinnati Bengals, Indianapolis Colts, Los Angeles Rams, Philadelphia Eagles, and Miami Dolphins.

The combination of a slant, a corner, and a flat breaks down a defense to either slowly advance down the field or take deep shots.

This play provides a simple concept and reads for every form of coverage, making your offense a nightmare for every type of defense. If your opponent is in man coverage, throw the slant; if he’s in Cover 2, throw the corner; and if he’s in Cover 3 or above, throw the flat. This formation is also great against the pass rush, giving the QB a bit more time to make the perfect read.

2. PA Shot Wheel – Gun Trips TE

Playbooks with this play: Buffalo Bills, Miami Dolphins, and New England Patriots.

This play has been around Madden tournaments since Madden 17, and now it’s here to make a comeback. With a few adjustments, you can alter the routes to make this an unstoppable play in Madden 22.

First, sub-in your fastest receiver on the slot, and then motion him across to widen out the field and set him on a streak. Now, configure your check down by changing your far left receiver on an in-route or a drag. Last but not least, have your TE on a delay fade, just in case you need to roll out.

With this configuration, the fastest wide receiver is going to drag all of the zones on the right, moving them so far upfield that the crosser ends up being wide open. This read beats Man, Cover 2, Cover 3, and Cover 4. If the user starts to guard the crossing route, you can always check-down or release the delay fade and hit your TE for tremendous gain.

3. PA Read – Gun Ace Slot

Playbooks with this play: Balanced and Miami Dolphins.

This play, like the last one, centers on dragging the zones up the field to leave the TE crosser open. By motioning the outside receiver, the deep post turns into a deep corner, and the DBs will sink while trying to protect it. This will open a wide space to hit the crosser. As always, it’s best to set up check-ups just in case that crosser is defended.

Madden 21 Defensive Money Plays

1. Cover 4 Show 2 – Nickel 3-3-5 Wide

Playbooks with this play: Atlanta Falcons, Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Bears, Denver Broncos, Jacksonville Jaguars, Detroit Lions, Green Bay Packers, Los Angeles Chargers, Miami Dolphins, Los Angeles Rams, New York Giants, Tennessee Titans, Washington Football Team, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and 46.

This is a really popular play from a very available formation to keep in your defensive arsenal. This play is amazing because it disguises one of the best forms of coverage while also providing run defense. By showing a Cover 2, the front-seven will immediately engage in sealing the run.

The Quarter Flat zones will protect about 20 yards from the line of scrimmage, making it hard for out-routes and corners to develop. In that same fashion, deep blues can be drawn closer to the box to help develop short-yardage plays without the risk of giving anything over the top.

2. Cover 4 Drop – Nickel 3-3-5 Odd

Playbooks with this play: Miami Dolphins, Baltimore Ravens, Jacksonville Jaguars, New York Giants, and New England Patriots.

Nickel 3-3-5 Odd is a great formation, creating a mismatch between the pass rush and the O-Line. With some simple adjustments, this play can become a fundamental piece of your defensive scheme.

The first thing needed is to blitz the OLB playing the Curl Flat. This creates confusion along the O-Line as the blocker will primarily try to block then contain, leaving the linebacker free to create pressure and sack the quarterback.

The second thing needed is a Curl Flat to seal the edge in case of an outside zone run or to delay the development of other routes.

3. Str Eagle Slant 3 – Dime 2-3-6 Sam

Playbooks with this play: Miami Dolphins, 3-4, New York Giants.

Following a similar concept to the Nickel 3-3-5 Odd, Str Eagle Slant 3 tries to confuse the offensive line in order to create pressure.

The benefit of doing this, out of a heavy DB set, is that the blitz comes in quicker as corners are faster than linebackers. This play creates almost immediate pressure while also providing a good number of players on the box.

These are the best money plays to keep in mind so that you can develop your schemes and become the best Madden 22 player across all game modes!

Have any preferred Madden 22 money plays of your own? Let us know in the comments section below.

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