Ninjala: Afro (Hairstyle)

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The Afro is one of the four launch hairstyles in Ninjala that aren’t used by any of the game’s eight main characters.

To apply the Afro to your ninja’s load-out, you’ll need to go to the Avatar section of the Closet, to the ‘Customise’ tab by pressing R, and then pick the option that features a comb icon.

On the next page, you’ll be able to see all of the Ninjala hairstyles, including the Afro.

Official Description

“The larger-than-life (and head) hairstyle that never goes out of fashion. Who says a ninja can’t rock a stylish ‘fro?”



The Afro transform’s your ninja’s hairstyle into a perfect sphere of hair. Above is an example of Berecca with a blonde Afro.

Changing the colour of the Afro with any of the colours on the palette below will make the whole hairstyle become that new colour.

To change the colour of your Afro hairstyle, return to the ‘Customise’ section of the Avatar menu and then navigate to the first option of the ‘Select Colour’ menu.

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