Ninjala: Bun (Hairstyle)

Find out more about the Ninjala hairstyle ‘Bun’ on this page.


The Bun hairstyle is one of the Ninjala hairstyles that isn’t part of the default load-out of one of the game’s characters.

To have your ninja wear the Bun, you’ll need to find the Avatar section of the Closet. Next, press R to get to the ‘Customise’ tab, and then pick the comb icon option.

On the next page, you’ll be able to see the Bun and all of the other Ninjala hairstyles.

Official Description

“Hair gathered high into two buns. Designed to make hair stay put during rigorous motion.”



Equipping the Bun as your ninja’s hairstyle sees parts of the style get bunched up into two buns. In the image above, Berecca is modelling a blonde Bun.

Changing the Bun’s colour with any of the options on the palette below will change the colour of the whole hairdo to the selected variant.

To change the colour of your Bun hairstyle, return to the ‘Customise’ section of the Avatar menu and then navigate to the first option of the ‘Select Colour’ menu.

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