Ninjala: Iron Noise Weapon

Discover all of the details about the Iron Noise weapon of Ninjala, including its Ninjutsu and special abilities.

Iron Noise

A weapon which offers the primary benefit of area-of-effect abilities, the Iron Noise is a part of the powerful hammer class. The Iron Noise is a two-handed weapon which grants your Ninjala character a unique Gum Shoot, Gum Ninjutsu, special abilities, and parameter adjustments.

Iron Noise Official Description

“A gum weapon especially suited for close-range combat. Its pursuit attacks and area-of-effect specials make for powerful offence and defence.”

Iron Noise Information

  • Equipment Icon:
  • Weapon Class: Hammer
  • Gum Shoot: Gum Kunai
  • Gum Ninjutsu: Fujiyama Rocket
  • Special: Echoing Scream
  • Abilities: Feedback / Up Tempo
  • Adjust Parameters:  360  90

Iron Noise Gum Shoot

Gum Kunai: Multiple kunai home in on your opponent.

Iron Noise Gum Ninjutsu

Fujiyama Rocket: Launch a powerful gum rocket that explodes on contact.

Iron Noise Special

Echoing Scream: Launch a soundwave attack that freezes foes.

Iron Noise Abilities

Feedback (Primary Ability): Normal and wide attacks reset the special cooldown.

Up Tempo (Big Weapon Ability): Move faster when life is reduced below a certain amount.

Ninja-Gum: Iron Gum

Image Source: Ninjala

Official Description: “Gum with a speaker motif. Forms a gum weapon shaped like a speaker. The flavour makes you want to shout.”

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