Ninjala: Short (Hairstyle)

Find out more about the Ninjala hairstyle preference of Burton simply called ‘Short.’


The Short hairstyle is the hairdo of choice for the Ninjala character Burton, who wears the blonde version of the customisation item.

To make use of the Short hairstyle, you’ll need to go into the Closet and then the Avatar menu. Press R to navigate to the ‘Customise’ tab, and then pick the comb icon option.

Here, you can browse and select from all of the Ninjala hairstyles, including the one called ‘Short.’

Official Description

“Short hair with some movement at the tips. No hair products needed for styling; just a blow dryer.”



In the image above, Berecca sports the blonde variation of the Short hairstyle.

Short is one of the more casual hairstyles available in Ninjala.

When you select a different colour for the Short hairstyle – any of those below – the whole customisation item changes to that selected colour.

To change the colour of the Short hairstyle, go to the ‘Customise’ tab of the Avatar screen. Next, alter the first colour option under the ‘Select Colour’ menu.

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