Ninjala: SK8 Hammer Weapon

Find all of the key information about the Ninjala weapon known as the SK8 Hammer right here.

SK8 Hammer

Found in the April open beta for Ninjala, the SK8 Hammer is a powerful two-handed weapon that grants the user a unique Gum Shoot, Gum Ninjutsu, special move, abilities, and parameter adjustments.

SK8 Hammer Official Description

“A gum weapon that’s ridiculously powerful at full size. Particularly effective at countering abilities and special moves.”

SK8 Hammer Information

  • Equipment Icon:
  • Weapon Class: Hammer
  • Gum Shoot: Gum Net
  • Gum Ninjutsu: Tenchi Muyo
  • Special: Power Buster
  • Abilities: Iron Body, Hyper Boost
  • Adjust Parameters: 330 95

SK8 Hammer Gum Shoot

Gum Net: This Gum Shoot fires straight and sets a net wherever it lands.

SK8 Hammer Gum Ninjutsu

Tenchi Muyo: This Gum Ninjutsu sees you grab your foe – if standing in range – spin them in the air, and then slam them to the ground.

SK8 Hammer Special

Power Buster: This special move sees you perform a weapon-breaking attack in Super Armour mode.

SK8 Hammer Abilities

Iron Body (Primary Ability): When you defeat your foe via Ippon, you gain Super Armour for a set period of time.

Hyper Boost (Secondary Ability): When you craft a large weapon, you’ll get an increase to your movement speed for a set period of time.

Ninja Gum: SK8 Gum

Image Source: Ninjala

Official Description: “Delightfully monstrous gum. Don’t let the sweet expression fool you. There’s a raging beast inside.”

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