Ninjala: Twin Ponytails (Hairstyle)

Get all of the details for the ‘Twin Ponytails,’ which is Lucy’s favourite hairstyle.

Twin Ponytails

Lucy’s default load-out features the Twin Ponytails hairstyle, which is selected with the light-blue colouration. This colour makes the hair fade into pink and features studded ponytail hair bands.

To get your ninja wearing the Twin Ponytails hairstyle, go into the Closet, move to the Avatar menu, and then press R to change tabs to the ‘Customise’ menu. Next, select the comb icon option.

You’ll then be able to find the Twin Ponytails and all of the other Ninjala hairstyles on this page.

Official Description

“Twin ponytails tied high. Add some bold and/or hardcore accessories for a ‘sweet & sour’ look.”



Above, you can see the blonde variation of the Twin Ponytails on the character Berecca.

The Twin Ponytails are one of the more eccentric hairstyles, combing the named hairdo with a central flick, two spike-studded hair bands, and a colour blend.

When you pick a new colour, both of the Twin Ponytails’ colours will change, as will the colour of the spiked hair bands.

Instead of showing the colour palette here, it’s better to see the colour gradient change. So, here are all of the colours of the Twin Ponytails.

To change the colours of your Twin Ponytails, change the first option of the ‘Select Colour’ menu – found under the Avatar menu’s ‘Customise’ tab.

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