Ninjala: Undercut Dreads (Hairstyle)

Get the details on the hairstyle customisation item worn by Ron, the Undercut Dreads.

Undercut Dreads

Undercut Dreads is the preferred hairstyle of the Ninjala character Ron, whose default set-up features the hairdo in its dark-brown colouration – which features two blue beads.

To give the Undercut Dreads hairstyle to your Ninjala load-out, go into the Closet, then the Avatar menu, and then navigate to the ‘Customise’ tab by pressing the R button.

Select the option with a comb icon to be able to browse and select from all of the available hairstyle options.

Official Description

“Dreadlocks with the sides shaved. Put some lines down the sides and accessories in the dreads for more accent.”



The character Berecca is wearing the blonde Undercut Dreads hairstyle variant in the image above.

The Undercut Dreads hairstyle is made up of a tremendous array of dreadlocks up top, one of which is accessorised by two coloured beads, while the back and sides are shaved and patterned.

With a different colour selected to the hairstyle, the dreadlocks, the sides, the patterns along the sides, and the beads all change colour.

If you want to change the colour of your character’s Undercut Dreads, move back to the ‘Customise’ tab of the Avatar menu and then change the first colour option of the ‘Select Colour’ section.

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