Ninjala: Undercut (Hairstyle)

Find out more about the Undercut hairstyle cosmetic item of Ninjala.


The Undercut is one of the hairstyles of Ninjala that isn’t worn by any of the core characters.

If you want your customised ninja to sport the Undercut, you’ll need to access the Closet, select ‘Avatar,’ and then press R to bring up the ‘Customise’ tab.

Here, you’ll see an option marked by a comb icon: select this option to see all of the Ninjala hairstyles and the Undercut.

Official Description

“Long hair up top with shaved sides. Feel the wind rush past your ears with every movement.”



In the image above, the character Berecca has is wearing the blonde version of the Undercut hairstyle.

The Undercut features a stylised top that’s swept to the wearer’s right, with the left side shaved.

Selecting a different colour for the hairstyle will make the whole hairpiece change to that colour.

To alter the colour of your avatar’s Undercut, go to the ‘Select Colour’ menu – found under ‘Customise’ section of the Avatar menu – and change the first colour option.

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