Maneater: Landmark Locations Guide and Maps

Need to know where all of the Maneater landmarks are in places like Dead Horse Lake and The Gulf?

Maneater: Landmark Locations Guide and Maps

In Maneater, there are several side quests to complete while making your way through the story, one of which is finding landmarks in each area.

In total, there are seven locations in which you need to find between eight and ten landmarks. Completing the landmark collections in five of the zones will give you all of the evolutions in the Shadow Set.

How to find landmarks in Maneater

How to find landmarks in Maneater

Due to the oceans being vast, waterways being murky, and some landmarks being out of the water, it can be tricky to locate the telltale signposts of the landmarks.

While our complete list of landmarks and accompanying marked maps below will show you where the landmarks are, you may also want to make use of your sonar ability.

The basic sonar will be enough if you swim within around 50 metres of a landmark. To make it a bit easier to hone in from further away, you could apply the Advanced Sonar organ.

It’ll cost you 32,000 Protein and 525 Mutagen to upgrade to a Tier 5 Advanced Sonar, which is quite expensive, but it is incredibly powerful when upgraded to the higher tiers.

Still, the maps below show you the locations of the landmarks, so, for the most part, it shouldn’t take too long for you to find them.

When you come to the landmarks, you just need to attack the highlighted orange signpost to mark the landmark as found and trigger a little information clip.

All Maneater landmark locations

Below, you can find the locations of all of the landmarks in the Maneater game as well as what discovering each set unlocks.

Maneater Fawtick Bayou landmark locations map

Maneater Fawtick Bayou map

You need to find ten landmarks in Fawtick Bayou, with their locations being mostly confined to the upper area of the map.

By striking the signposts next to all ten Fawtick Bayou landmarks, you’ll unlock the Protein Digestion organ evolution.

Maneater Dead Horse Lake landmark locations map

Maneater Dead Horse Lake map

There are also ten landmarks in Dead Horse Lake, all of which are quite well spread out.

You may find it tricky to locate the one by the bridge on the water. Don’t be tricked by the aerial licence plates spinning around nearby: the landmark is near the foot of one of the pillars, taking the form of a pile of wrecked boats.  

Maneater aerial licence plates spinning

Hitting all ten Dead Horse Lake landmarks will unlock the Shadow Teeth jaw evolution.

Maneater Golden Shores landmark locations map

Maneater Golden Shores map

There are eight landmarks to discover in the Golden Shores part of the map, with some of them being found in the landlocked pools and water hazards of the golf courses.

Find all ten Golden Shores landmarks to gain access to the fin evolution of Shadow Fins.

Maneater Sapphire Bay landmark locations map

Maneater Sapphire Bay map

In Sapphire Bay, there are eight landmarks to find, ranging from being on an island to sitting further out on the sea bed.

For the landmark on the island in the middle of Sapphire Bay, you may want to consider applying the Amphibious organ evolution.

It doesn’t need to be of a high tier, and there is water near the landmark, but if you approach from the wrong side, you may suffocate en route.

Maneater route

Find all eight Sapphire Bay landmarks to be able to equip the Shadow Body as a body evolution to your bull shark.

Maneater Prosperity Sands landmark locations map

Maneater Prosperity Sands map

There are a total of ten Prosperity Sands landmarks dotted around the area of the map. They range from being along the human-made waterways to sitting off of the coast.

If you locate and hit the signposts to all ten landmarks in Prosperity Sands, you’ll get the Shadow Tail evolution.

Maneater Caviar Key landmark locations map

Maneater Caviar Key map

Caviar Key holds eight landmarks to be found, with you likely needing to venture through the underground tunnels to get to one of them.

Finding all eight Caviar Key landmarks will get you the vampiric head evolution known as the Shadow Head.

Maneater The Gulf landmark locations map

Maneater The Gulf map

Across the vast area of the Maneater map known as The Gulf, there are nine landmarks to locate.

It can take a bit of time to locate the Museum Field Trip landmark – due to it being up in the hand of the statue – and the It Belongs in a Museum landmark is found within a cave to the north-east along the border of The Gulf, but the trickiest to see is the Gone Fishin’ landmark.

 While there are plenty of things that look like landmarks nearby on the seabed and even near human-made structures, to find Gone Fishin’ you’ll need to knife along the surface to a random ice sheet.

Maneater random ice sheet

With all nine landmarks in The Gulf found, you’ll unlock the Reinforced Cartilage organ evolution.

Those are all of the landmark locations in Maneater. If you just want to find the pieces of the Shadow Set, you’ll want to focus on Dead Horse Lake, Prosperity Sands, Sapphire Bay, Golden Shores, and Caviar Key.

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