FIFA 22 Sliders Explained: How to Set Sliders for a Realistic Experience

By using these optimum FIFA sliders, you can enjoy an authentic simulation of football in Career Mode and beyond.

Gameplay, at least in the early stages of FIFA 22, has definitely seen some improvements from a largely disappointing edition last year.

Despite this, the level of realism has been in a trade-off with arcade elements that have slowly trickled into the gameplay over the years.

Luckily, players have several customisation tools at their disposal, with the FIFA 22 sliders being the best way to create an authentic experience.

What are FIFA 22 sliders?

Sliders are the control elements on a scale (usually from one to 100) that allow you to tune attributes or the likelihood of events in games. By default, these settings are set to 50 out of 100.

In our early experience of FIFA 22, the most notable changes come have through adjustments to defensive marking and positioning, as well as pass accuracy and speed. Particularly in midfield, several FIFA players have rightly complained about central midfielders struggling to defend oncoming attacks.

It must be noted that these settings are likely to change subtly over the coming weeks, with multiple patches set to be rolled out over that time.

How to change the sliders in FIFA 22

Head to the game settings (cog icon) in the main menu and select settings. Here, you will find the multiple tabs of customisation that we’ll be adjusting.

For these realistic FIFA 22 slider settings, we recommend playing on Legendary difficulty, but to ease into the action, World Class is a good place to start.

Realistic FIFA 22 game set-up and sliders

For a game on FIFA 22 with realistic stats, we recommend the following slider settings.

Keep in mind that while eight or ten-minute halves seem long, a game, even with the cut scenes, should never take longer than around 25 minutes.

To achieve a true and authentic football experience, you’ll want to control the fate of every possible phase of play for your team. Still, if you’re playing an exhibition game with a friend or online, these settings are almost certain to be different.

Half Length8-10 Minutes
Game SpeedNormal

For player sliders affecting injuries, we’re going to bring up the frequency to 80, but bring the severity down to 40 to simulate the knocks received by players. This one is more down to personal choice, however, these slider settings are more reflective of professional play.

Player SlidersSetting
Injury Frequency80
Injury Severity40

These next figures affect the relative ability of human and CPU-controlled players to execute desired actions in-game.

Figures uneven across human to CPU are to counter flaws in the AI in comparison to human play. Central midfielders, at present, have trouble following threats through the middle, and AI defences also have issues latching on to attackers.

You should note the amendments to sprint settings. At first, they look drastic, but these slider settings changes are far more subtle. Rather than speed being basically the sole factor in two players going toe-to-toe, the tweak brings players’ weight and strength a little more into play.

Shots have a bit more variation, but a brief adjustment to goalkeeping ability accounts for this as well.

SkillPlayer SettingCPU Setting
Shot Error6060
Pass Error5555
Pass Speed4545
Shot Speed4949
GK Ability4848
Run Frequency5050
Line Height4045
Line Length (Def. Line)4045
Line Width5050
FB Positioning5050
Power Bar5050
First Touch Control Error9090

Recommended FIFA 22 Career Mode settings

Here are our FIFA 22 recommendations, both in terms of sliders and settings, for you to enjoy a realistic Career Mode experience. Given that you’ll be starting the season after the first transfer window, we recommend picking the team that your club of choice had at the end of the window.

  • Match Difficulty: Legendary
  • Half Length: 8 minutes or more
  • Currency: Personal Preference
  • European Competitions: Enabled
  • Transfer Window: Disabled (first window)
  • International Job Offers: Optional
  • Negotiation Strictness: Strict
  • Financial Takeover: Disabled

If you’d like a FIFA gameplay experience more akin to that of real football, try out the sliders and settings shown on this page. For a bonus element, change the camera to the ‘Broadcast’ setting to create a life-like viewing experience.

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